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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do Near Death Experiences PROVE There Is Life After Death (The Controversy About NDE Research)

By Danny Fredricks

What do near-death experiences actually prove? Can a dying brain actually provide PROOF that life continues on after physical death? And what are the alternative explanations? Surely no SERIOUS scientist, or doctor takes this stuff seriously, right? And does EVERYONE who comes close to death have a similar experience, and if not... why do some people have them, while others do not?

The truth is, NDE research is a very, very controversial area. It should be no surprise as well... as the implications for what this exciting field reveals, COULD revolutionize what we believe about life, and death, and what happens both before and after each... :-)

NDE's were popularized by Dr. Raymond Moody in 1975, in his book "Life after Life", although there are literally thousands of recorded near death experiences that go back to our earliest recorded history.

In recent years, with the advent of all sorts of advancements in life saving technology, more and more people are having POWERFUL, and life changing experiences at the moment of death... which seems to be shaking our understanding of the death process to it's very core.

Here is what we know, today:

1 - About 15% of all people who experience clinical death, WILL have an NDE.

2 - Most near death experiences are defined by a series of very similar, universally shared events - seeing a being of light, going through a tunnel, meeting deceased relatives, feelings of incredible peace, seeing one's body from above, having telepathic conversations, having a "choice" to return, and coming to some sort of "line in the sand" where if you cross, you can't come back.

3 - Most NDE'rs lose the fear of death completely. (over 90%)

4 - Most near death experiences do NOT have overtly religious overtones... even though they are often symbolic, especially in the being of light. (Westerners tend to see religious icons from "here" while Easterners tend to see icons associated with their beliefs or traditions as well)

5 - Children often report the MOST profound NDE's, and the ones well worth studying as well... as they are absent a lot of the dogma, yet retain the TRANSCENDENT elements of the experience

6 - Many near death experiencers return with psychic sensitivities that are HARD to explain away or dismiss. (including an uncanny ability to see and speak to those on the "other side" once back here)

7 - Many of the MOST common skeptical explanations for the experience have been fairly well addressed, including hallucination, lack of oxygen to the brain, and even fabrication

8 - Many well known doctors have studied NDE's skeptically... and have become convinced they are evidence that the human spirit "survives" physical death, at least for a while... and that mind and brain are NOT the same thing. (most notably amongst these are Dr. Jeffery Long, and Dr. Sam Parnia... who is the chief investigator in the AWARE study, being conducted in hospitals around the world in 2011)

Are NDE's PROOF that life continues on after death?

I guess it depends on what you consider PROOF! The fact is, they are highly suggestive, and when combined with all of the OTHER evidence out there, including psychic mediums, afterlife encounters, apparitions, etc... seem to strongly suggest that there is much more to our physical lives than meets the eye. (and that is a pretty exciting discovery in my book to boot!)

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts on Immortality

Today, I’m going to introduce something totally new to this blog about death, dying, and afterlife. I mentioned in my book, More Than Meets the Eye ~ True Stories About Death, Dying, and Afterlife, that I believe the soul has a choice about dying. We are all committing suicide on a daily basis when we do not care for our bodies and keep our minds focused on higher, positive things. However, I didn't realize that I was among millions of folks who share this thought and that my ideas are actually part of a philosophy called physical or biological immortality. I'll share some thoughts about this.

The soul was created immortal. It came into the body when God (or whatever you call Source energy) breathed the breath of life into the nostrils of the first human. God does not create death or destruction. He/She does not create things that fade away or perish. He creates all things perfect and good and eternal—like Itself. That includes humans! When we see ourselves as something other than a perfect creation of God and part of the same substance as the cosmic intelligence that gave us life, we limit what we can accomplish on Earth.

The veil of 3-D reality (also known as the curse) that fell in the proverbial Garden of Eden was not the death of the soul—it was the death of the body, which prior to that time was immortal. There had been no death of any kind until the first animal was slain to provide clothing for humans. This “curse,” which affected the entire earth: plants, animals, humans, etc. opened to humans a full range of possibilities in the earth plane—the ability to see or experience anything we want even death. There was nothing labeled as good or bad—we simply gained the ability to create as God did (humans had not created anything prior to this time—they only enjoyed what God had created).

We read in the Bible of many people who lived longer than we now do even with our current medical knowledge and intervention abilities. Some mentioned did not die at all. Enoch was whisked away in a chariot of fire (possibly a UFO—we are multidimensional beings able to go anywhere in spirit when unencumbered by the limitations of the physical body). Others also have achieved immortality:

  • In Buddhist history quite a few masters have achieved this, and the master who is most well-known for this achievement is Guru Rinpoche, who is still living today.
  • Enoch walked with God and was no more (Genesis 5:24)
  • Mahavatar Babaji and other Indian sadhus have appeared in various bodies long after the time that most humans give up their physical body and embrace death. A friend of mine met a woman how is more than 400 years old. With God, nothing is impossible to those who believe. If we believe ourselves to be separate from God, we will live a life that is limited in all aspects.
Jesus rent the veil of separation at the time of his death. He died and rose again in order to show that death in our physical body can be overcome. Since the soul already had eternal life when Jesus came, the “eternal life” he referred to was in regards to the physical body.

Then, why do we still have bodily death and see other living things die? Because we have not realized that we have another option. We have not grasped the fact that dying is a choice. We commit suicide on a daily basis through the choices we make—the most powerful choice being whether we believe in our own death or life. Because our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and words are the materials used to manifest or create our reality, we have affected death upon our planet.

Jesus said, that the last thing to be conquered is death. He also told us we would do even greater things that He did. The first thing to be conquered is our mind! The mind produces results in the body.

With a single decision, the forces of destruction and decay were set into motion. If we want to change this, we will collectively have to start believing in immortality of the body and stop unconsciously committing daily suicide. It may or may not happen in this current generation, but we have to start somewhere and that begins with deciding to take care of our body, love our body dearly, and consciously use our mind to strengthen the life urge and put away all thoughts that keep the death urge intact. This is a huge collective belief that I compare to a snowball rolling downhill, gathering more material as it descends. If only a few who read this post will start challenging their own beliefs (we can’t change others—we can only influence them), we can start leveling the ground so the snowball slows down—adding a few more years to our average life span. Then, as more people start embracing their immortality, we will dismantle the snow ball and see it as the fluffy stuff or illusion that it really is.

The curse we have been under for eons was broken when the first human achieved immortality in the physical body—and that person was not Jesus. He actually died and then resurrected his body. Even though we do not have to accept death as our reality we keep this ancient illusion intact with our beliefs. The veil was like putting a picture of death over the top of the picture of life that was already in the photo frame. We see the death photo, but the image of immortal life is still there behind the scenes for anyone who is willing to look behind the veil to life everlasting.

There is a realm of consciousness where death does not exists and we can live there by removing the blockages that hinder our spiritual vision. This is done through purification practices such as deep breathing that clear our chakras and auric bodies and remove toxins from our physical bodies. Breathing is a life-giving process that exposes and releases all negative and self-destructive patterns. For more on breathwork, see the following sites:

The mind reincarnates from one life to another; it never dies. You may have been working on physical immortality in previous lifetimes. If so, you will probably resonate with the thoughts on this page. Perhaps you will achieve it in this lifetime! If not, you are still helping yourself (and humanity) by setting an example. It’s worth a try! I mean, what have you got to lose, right? No judging” thoughts here on this blog.

As Leonard Orr says, “Death is a grave mistake!” and “Physical immortality as a living philosophy is the only cause you can’t die for!” and you are already immortal until you prove otherwise.” Why prove otherwise? Why not live in a new reality? I find this very exciting and just thinking about it has created more hope in my mind and joy in all the cells of my body.

In this video, Leonard Orr speaks about why immortality is the perfect religion:

After reading this post your mind will be expanded and it can never return to its former size. Are you ready to move your mind and body into harmony with your eternal spirit? I certainly am! In fact, I’ve created an mp3 of affirmations to help reprogram the mind to focus on this new concept. It will soon be on, but for now it is available on my website:

We can begin creating the energy for immortality by talking about it with others. Why not leave a comment here on this blog?

I searched online for MP3 audios to support immortality thinking. I couldn't find one, so I created one and put it on Amazon for 99 cents. If anyone is interested, you can listen to a sample and purchase on

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Life After Life After Life

By Sally Janssen

Reincarnation - a life after this life after another......

What a wonderful thought that our soul is immortal and embarks upon a new chapter and learning curve with each successive human lifetime!

There are many who intuitively feel that subsequent human births will follow this one. Others cannot consider the idea of 'having to return' to endure all they have had to this life and totally reject the idea of recycled souls as unfortunately the opportunity for fresh and brighter experiences.

There are occasional people who fancy that they have lived a previous life of great fame and splendour with magnificent achievements that allow them to identify with heroes of the past and regrettably all too often is Cleopatra or Napoleon the selected claim.

Yet many of us remember past lives, or parts of some, that filter through into present day habits, personality talents and sometimes as unreasonable fears, instant likes and dislikes of people and require reason and balanced attitudes in self discipline, or a skilled philosopher or psychotherapies to help reduce the negatives and be free to experience the positives. There are also strong happy memories recovered spontaneously without any apparent outer cause. Both happy and tragic times and experiences are naturally most heavily engraved in the soul.

At certain stages of individual enquiry into spiritual matters, it becomes important that we recall a difficult lesson from the past for some reason we can only speculate about, as this usually is a matter directed by greater intelligences beyond our understanding. Sometimes it may be to observe our physical death in a previous life in order to be convinced of the immortal nature of our soul. Or it may be to recall a humble role in a previous life to balance a dominant place in society at the moment.

But certainly we must hazard a guess that previous life recall is not for our indulgence or entertainment but to help us face up to our responsibilities in this present life.

Only when we are progressing in overcoming our material nature and are better attuned to our soul do we earn a likelihood of seeing a speeded up spiritual 'video' of our soul's total journey to this point.

The reluctance to face reincarnation as a natural law was instilled in those of Christian faith following the deliberate eradication of the concept from the early church doctrinal teachings. There is no such hesitancy in other religions and philosophies. In the Hindu culture it is a simple custom of parents to encourage infants to express any dim memory of a previous life should they wish to communicate about matters that do not relate to the present. This is unlike western parents whose habit is often to punish such recall as mere fantasy or lies.

Memories of all kinds, recent or long term are important. But it is our beliefs and ideas that guide us in our present lives together with our innate sense of moral and ethical values stronger than any assumed codes or unproductive reminders of the past.

Ideologies that focus on future rewards and strengthen the belief that self sacrifice will be rewarded in a future heavenly state promise ample after death. Any promised reward such as that of a large harem, makes young men eager to die so that they can indulge in future sensory pleasures.

Others choose to believe in being good in a life of service to others so that after death they can mingle with souls of friends and loved ones of like company.

For most of us who sincerely love this planet Earth, there is only the motivation to appreciate the wonderful gift of life opportunity in our wondrous natural environment and will yearn to return here following the completion of our present life. If it is love and appreciation that determines our fate, then perhaps this is likely to recur as an attractive proposition.

Those who seek the truth will consider the concept and perhaps realise the perfect order and justice that accompanies our advances through the 'classroom 'we share on earth, sharing an equal opportunity we all have to grow in intelligent understanding of life. This right of free will functions regardless of our inherited material circumstances that reflect our debits and credits in the divine justice we know as the Law of Karma. It is this law that spiritual teachers of all eras have referred to when in their wisdom as they instruct us to "Have faith in The Law". It is this justice and fairness that permits no 'favourites' that our secular law seeks to emulate, however poorly.

In accepting the natural law of reincarnation and our future incarnations as inevitability within the natural justice system of Karma that functions to give each of us our due, brings comfort to allow greater advances in spiritual growth to be made. We are inclined to reduce our chaffing against the seeming injustices of human society and soothe any feelings of impatience and anxiety regarding limited life time. We have all the time in the world!

Just as a member of society must acquire knowledge of the established laws of a country before functioning within it, so we all must acquire knowledge and be familiar with the universal laws of life that apply throughout in the moral and spiritual life environment in which we share.

When we find our way through the many adventures, experiences and discoveries that result from use of our free will and that require our wise choices... we find that it is way well trodden. It is lit by the wisdom of others who have gone safely before us, as well as by our own inner wisdom - the spiritual wealth of life experience accumulated by our soul, life after life....

Sally Janssen is a writer, and Yoga teacher well known both in Australia and abroad for her skill in demonstration of the Hatha Yoga practices and her wisdom in applying the principles of Raja Yoga -the study of the mind and consciousness. Many people throughout the world share a belief in reincarnation. The idea is integral to the philosophy of Yoga as shown at her website

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Types of Disposal for Human Remains

What do you want done with your remains when you pass away? There are many decisions to be made before you die and pre-planning for body disposal is an important decision among them. There are many cremation alternatives to chose from if you decide that either that or burial are not right for you, but it is important to make your wishes known while you're still alive. So, what types of funeral and cremation alternatives are there? In this day and age, there are quite a few alternatives to having your body cremated or the traditional burial in a casket.

Whole Body Donation

One of the ways that science has advanced over the years is because of donors. Not only monetary donations, but also whole body donations. If you are interested in doing something for the sciences after you're gone, you can make arrangements to have your body donated to science for research. Almost all bodies are accepted and most diseases are acceptable for research. When you donate your body to science, all that is required upon your death is that a call be placed to the company you have donated your body to. If you are worried about costs to your family, you needn't, because whole body donation is typically 100% free for the donor and all that your family will be responsible for is the memorial service.


If you want your body perfectly preserved in the chance that someday the technology to cure a disease or extend life will exist, then cryopreservation is the cremation alternative for you. The body, tissues and organs are preserved at sub-zero temperatures and are stored at facilities in chambers that maintain the freezing temperatures, preventing cell death. Though many believe that there will come a day when their bodies can be revived, there is not irrefutable proof on the matter. Cryopreservation is also very expensive since not only must the preservation take place, but proper storage must be provided at all times.


This environmentally friendly alternative to cremation or burial is a process involving water and alkali that breaks the body down over the course of two to three hours (virtually the same length of time as it takes to cremate a body) leaving behind a sterile liquid and bone ashes. The liquid is returned to nature, leaving only the ashes, which can be preserved in a cremation urn in exactly the same manner as cremains.

How is resomation a more eco-friendly cremation alternative to something that's already fairly green? Studies have shown that funerals that replace traditional cremation with the resomation process reduce the greenhouse gases emission by about 35%. If more people selected this procedure over cremation, the carbon footprint of the funeral industry could be drastically reduced. Plus, resomation currently costs around $600, which is significantly cheaper than cremation in the United States.

Corpse Composting

This procedure is not as simple as you might initially think. Bodies are not simply buried without a casket when corpse composting is used. It's actually a slightly complex technique in which the body is frozen using liquid nitrogen, then placed in a coffin, which is also frozen. Then the brittle frozen body and coffin are subjected to light vibrations. The vibrations shatter both and the result is a fine, organic powder. The powder then has any water, mercury and other metals removed. After all this, the result is a sterile powder that can be buried in the upper mulching layers of the soil. Full composting usually happens within 6-12 months after burial. You can use the composted remains as mulch for planting trees or even a memorial garden.

Melody Jamali is the Founder and President of ( Une Belle Vie ), a Colorado company dedicated to bringing choice of cremation to public light. Their company offers the widest selection in decorative urns for cremation and includes a wide collection of resources designed to help families and friends in their time of need. From tool for the grieving to informative articles about planning, support and other uplifting thoughts, Une Belle Vie is a company dedicated to helping your celebrate the life of the one you love - on your terms.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NDE Series - Discussing Spiritual Ramifications

By Steven Morse
Lately there has been a resurgence of interest in Near Death Experiences. To me this is nothing new, but the revived interest has rekindled all the old debating points. I'm asked frequently what I think about the phenomena so I thought I'd start a series to bring topics to light. As always, feel free to disagree. Personally I enjoy debate and if we all shared exactly the same opinions on a topic that cannot be absolutely proven, frankly, that would be down right annoying. Let's then put on our thinking caps and open our minds to see where this topic leads us.

Near Death Experiences (NDE) is the concept of people leaving their bodies to enter the spiritual realm after clinical death but who are subsequently revived. This is a hotly debated topic. Generally speaking, there are two sides to this argument: scientific (doctors, atheists, agnostic) and spiritualist (those believing in a spiritual afterlife).

The scientific community denies the possibility by usually stating that any experiences obtained after clinical death are mere physiological attributes gained from the dying processes of the brain. Simplified this means, the brain is "fizzling" out causing hallucinations and such. Since their stance is that there is no afterlife, there simply cannot be any true experience. To them, death is the final exit into oblivion where matter is relegated to entropic effects. Remember the laws of thermodynamics? Like a candle being blown out, there is nothing left. Absolutely nothing. We are mere animals who have come to the end.

The spiritualist community, however, sees death as a continuation of life by stepping into our true selves. They believe that we all started as spiritual beings and are transitioning back to that state. Now there are many subtopics to be examined here, but the main point is that we are more than just our physical makeup. Our spiritual being is eternal and this physical life is just a stopping point to achieve higher learning and growth.

Yes, these preceding paragraphs are simplified, but they do get to the heart of the matter. I think this is the proper place to begin the NDE series. Understand that my interest in writing this article is not to persuade anyone to a certain belief, but rather, to bring it to light so that understanding and honest consideration are given. The reason is that our spirituality must take center stage.

Why? If science is correct, what harm is there in examining the subject since nothing can come of it? However, if the spiritualists are correct, then we are undertaking a subject of great and eternal consequences. As you can tell, I subscribe to the spiritualist side. I know what I think. But, what about you? I urge you to read the following blogs and invite you to devote some personal attention to them.

Steven Morse is an author and the founder of His site, is dedicated to spreading the message of joy from a spiritual perspective. Over the years his travels around the world have given him the unique opportunity to witness joy in all its individual representations. Now he is using that knowledge in his site and invites everyone to visit.

Currently he is giving away a free ebook called '10 Ways to Boost Your Joys'. This free book can help anyone get on the fast track to receiving joy. Drop by today and pick up a free copy of '10 Ways to Boost Your Joys'. At the very least, everyone is invited to click on over and send him an email for spiritual discussion.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brain Injury and a Near Death Experience (NDE) Sparks Visions for an Artist

By Elizabeth Kirwin
Many artists have been deterred from realizing their fullest potential. Multiple obstacles might stand in their way: poverty, illness, injury, lack of support from family and partners, isolation, and/or little or no recognition for their work. How do artists who have strayed from their paths get back on track and continue to pour passion, time and energy into work that sustains their spirit and beautifies the world?

For this particular artist, Heather Ifversen, a life threatening head injury, caused by a fall in the bathtub, forced her to closely examine her life and dramatically change it. Brain trauma and a near death experience (NDE) and her subsequent convalescence and recovery awakened her enough so she could begin to live an authentic life again.

Ifversen's story is extraordinary and deserves to be told. She has chosen to illustrate this experience through narrative paintings. These paintings detail a profound and magical vision of the cosmos, and energies within it, which constitute the web of life. Central to her story is her self, and an astounding evolution which occurred during a period of six months or so, when she was contacted by beings made of light. Ifversen is still uncertain if these beings were real or a creation of her mind. Yet she seemed to have an ongoing conversation with them that had the effect of infusing her life with a new energy and most importantly - a drive to continue to create art. In her visions, which occurred during her waking hours, she first begged these light beings to help her regain life and full consciousness so she could come back and mother her girls, Isabella (12) and Finn (7). Slowly, as her consciousness began to reconstruct itself, and her motor skills, speech and portions of her memory returned, the one thing she was able to do in her bedridden state was to draw and paint again. "I strapped a paintbrush to my hand," recalls Ifversen, "and I began to paint the visions I saw in my head."

As she returned to life, she also reclaimed her identity as an artist. Her life as an artist had been eclipsed and almost lost as a wife, mother, caregiver and social worker. Tenaciously, like someone possessed by energies beyond her control, she clung to this identity that had always been hers. For these light beings who revealed to her the complex web of energies that form a backdrop to our existence had given her one more chance to live - and she was not going to waste it.

The work which was completed while recovering from brain trauma includes a staggering 60 paintings - completed during Ifversen's six month recovery. This art documents the strange and magnificent powers that lie behind the central truths of our world. Some may be inclined to be skeptical of Ifversen's story, but many, including energy workers and neuropsychologists might just be delighted by her revelations.

Anyone who travels the magical planes, works in the realm of faery magic, studies the mysterious pathways of the brain, or deals directly with people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE) knows when these energies appear to be at work. In the case of individuals experiencing a 'normal life' -- a finely cloaked exterior often keeps them hidden from view. Perhaps the ordinary person is too distracted, or consumed by other matters, to see them as clearly as Ifversen has. The light beings she describes in her paintings are real enough to be painted.

According to Ifveren and others who've had these types of experience, these light beings work behind the scenes of the everyday, mundane world. Ifversen was walking between this world and that one for an elongated period of time. Having lost her ability to speak, read, or write, she chose to paint this reality. Happily, she returned to her brush, canvas and palette and used what little strength she had then to record her journey.

Elizabeth Kirwin is the creator and founder of, a website that gives insight into the fairy culture of the United States, a branch of neo-paganism that is on the rise. Kirwin is a professional writer, performance artist and Organic SEO specialist. Visit or email

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Monday, September 5, 2011

What Happens to Our Loved Ones When They Die a Violent Death?

By Melissa Van Rossum

With all the news lately about violent attacks, including Ann Pressly, the news anchor from Little Rock, Arkansas who was beaten to death and the members of Jennifer Hudson's family who was killed, people are naturally wondering what happens to a loved one when they die a violent death.

I've met several ghosts who died from violent attacks. One of the most memorable people I met was Tim McClean, the man who was beheaded on a Greyhound bus in Canada.

I don't normally read graphic news pieces, but his story popped up on an internet page I was visiting and I ended up reading a couple of paragraphs of it. If you're familiar with this story you know why I stopped reading it after only a couple of paragraphs.

The remarkable thing was that I was in my basement office when I read the story. I shut down my computer, turned out the lights and began to climb the stairs. By the time I reached the top of the second flight, there was Tim, with his iPod earphones still in his ears, standing outside my bedroom doorway. I hadn't yet seen a photo of him, but I knew it was him since I had already connected with his energy from reading the story.

He was still stunned from all the events of his bodily death and seemed genuinely shy. He stood leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. Although he wasn't in any pain, he did seem overwhelmed and ready to go home. I couldn't blame him.

He hadn't gone home earlier out of shock and disbelief of how his body had died. I think for a while, he didn't quite realize he was dead.

But now he did and he wanted to go home.

I gladly helped him on his way and he went home easily to the Other Side.

The important thing to remember when a loved one dies from a violent attack, is that once they leave their body, they're no longer in any pain.

Too often as the ones who stay behind, we stay stuck in the moment of their death or the time they suffered just before their death. They, however, move beyond this moment very quickly.

I met a gentleman several months ago who had committed suicide by shooting himself.

He was the brother of a friend and she was distraught over what he had done. Within minutes of my learning about what had happened, he quickly came to me. His funeral had not yet happened and he was asking me to send him home - which I refused to do.

He was not in any physical pain, but he knew the moment he killed himself that he had done the wrong thing. He was scared and ravaged with guilt and he was afraid of the anger and the judgment of those he had left behind.

He wanted to go home early to escape facing what he thought would be an angry mob. But he couldn't have been more wrong.

He stood in the corner almost shaking, he was so overwhelmed with fear.

"You have to go be with your family right now....I'm not going to help you until after your funeral. You need to go be with your family and do what you can to comfort them, let them know you're sorry, that you're still alive. You need to take responsibility for the pain you've caused them," I told him.

"They're mad at me," he said, "they're furious with me. I don't want to be around them. I'm just a disappointment to them."

"Well, you've done the worst you could have possibly done. They're going to be mad at you for a while. You need to go face the music," I said to him.

"You need to trust me on this, this is the only way you're going to get through this," I said unapologetically.

He finally left and timidly went to his family.

I checked in on him now and then over the week and he began to see how he had had other choices in life that he wasn't aware of at the time. And, just as importantly, he began to feel the love they had for him. They were mad at him, that's true. But they dearly loved him.

While he lived in his body he regularly felt that he was to blame for so much of others' suffering, now he could see that really wasn't the case.

He had begun to learn some very valuable insights even before he crossed over to go Home.

Which, by the way, he did cross over on his own just after his funeral. I don't think he would have been able to do that if he hadn't begun to see beyond the blame and the self-judgment.

Those who leave their bodies violently or tragically, move beyond those terrible last moments very quickly, and we need to as well. The suffering for them ended as soon as they left their bodies and their emotional healing began at the same time.

Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic & empath, & the author of two books. In her first book, All You've Ever Known, she shares a process that deepens your intuition & awakens your soul to a happier, more successful and authentic life.

In Their Way Home, My Adventures as a Ghost Guide Melissa offers revealing perspective as she shares for the first time the very personal stories of her encounters with real life ghosts who searched her out in their quest to find a way back home, and how she helped them to cross over in to the Light. Plenty of books have been written about ghost sightings but in this book Melissa shares the stories behind why these souls chose to linger on the earth plane and how you can live a happier life by learning from the mistakes they made in life...and in death.

Melissa regularly speaks to the media & groups on topics such as How to Create the Life of Your Dreams, Ghosts and The Paranormal, and What Happens After You Die. You can learn more about Melissa and her books at and

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