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Monday, December 24, 2012

Moving on after a National Tragedy

 When an event occurs—such as the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut--that gets nationwide attention, it creates a huge, negative pool of energy in the collective consciousness of humanity. People respond with all kinds of emotions, from anger at the perpetrator to sympathy for the victims. 

When the media focuses on the perpetrator of a hideous crime it activates the darkness in the minds of others who have considered doing something to gain public attention. No wonder we have similar events cropping up within weeks of such a calamity.

The day after the shooting in Connecticut, an empath friend of mine asked if I was doing okay. She hoped that I wasn’t being sucked in by the energy of grief that was engulfing the nation and being pumped by the media. I assured her that while I had compassion for the families who had lost loved ones in that shooting, I was not overcome with sorrow. It may sound callous or aloof to admit such a thing, but I know that every soul agrees to play a role at an unconscious level and brings about the circumstances it is involved in. So even if children’s bodies and earth lives were destroyed, their forever wise souls were not victims. Perhaps the lesson was part of that soul’s development plan; or the soul of a loved one affected by the tragedy may have learned something valuable from the experience. I’ve learned that it is not wise to intervene in this soul-awakening process.

If I were to add my grief to a situation like this, it would not bring back one of those dear children or adults who died that day. It would make me miserable because I’m sending my energy out where it doesn’t belong. I would be sticking my nose in someone else’s business, but it would not comfort the families. In fact, it would only intensify and prolong their grief. In my book, More Than Meets the Eye, I mentioned how our grieving affects the soul of the departed and keeps them around family members in the Earth plane. If a soul stays too long after departing the body, it can miss its opportunity to crossover. Thus, it can become Earthbound unless someone shows it the way to the light.

So what can we do when something hits the media and garners negative public attention like this? “Let the dead bury the dead,” as Jesus said.
  1. Send a beam of light and love to the grieving families and the departed souls.
  2. Send uplifting cards or letters to the families–anything that will create a lighter feeling surrounding the situation.
  3. If you know the family, reach out to them with a meal or other kind gesture.
  4. Envision a portal of light for the departed souls to enter where they can cross over into a blissful afterlife. 
  5. Refrain from watching the media coverage and rehashing of the event. 
  6. Send a beam of light and love to others who are in darkness or are considering enacting violent crimes against others. 
  7. Pray or meditate on world peace! Studies have shown repeatedly that when a large group of people pray, meditate, or direct their collective energy toward one purpose it has a huge effect. When a group of yogis gathered in Washington to meditate on a mantra the crime rate in that area went down as much as 24.6 percent.  
 It will make a difference not only in how you feel, it will help souls move on, ease the grief of the families involved, and lessen the possibility of other crimes that tend to follow.

If you tend to be so empathic that it interferes with your ability to be in public, you will appreciate the tips in  chapters 9 & 10 of my book, Whose Stuff Is This?
For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Living Will Samples

By Candis Reade

It is a wise forethought to plan for incapacitation. A legal will dictates what happens to you and your belongings after death. But, what makes medical decisions for you when you are incapacitated, but still alive? That document is called a living will (AKA: physicians directive, health care declaration, or health care directive.)

If you have ever seen living will samples, then you might know that it addresses specific medical care directives during incapacitation. Of course, it must be made with a sound mind. Every adult would be prudent to express their wishes through a living will. The unexpected is only a second away. The national coverage of vegetative patient, Terri Schiavo, is the quintessential example of why living wills are not just for the elderly. Living wills assure that your medical care demands are followed word for word. It also unburdens loved ones from making life and death decisions for you.

Living wills can be as general or detailed as you wish them to be. For example, you can make a general statement like: No measures taken to prolong life in case of irreversible or incurable diseases. On the other hand, you can make a specific statement. An example would be: I do not want to be given any antibiotics, palliative medications, analgesics, CPR, or gastrointestinal feeding tubes in case of irreversible or incurable disease. You can even go as far to say whether you wish to have hydration and food given. However, you can also make a living will state what you do specifically want.

The Uniform Rights of the Terminally Ill Act established the right for a person to have a living will. However, this law varies state by state and some states do not refer to it as a living will, but rather one of the names listed above. Some states have specific forms and validation rules to make the living will valid. You must check the particular state where you live to get exact details. You may find it helpful to hire a lawyer to show you living will samples and assist you in drafting your own. Usually, the legal fee is $200.00-$600.00, but well worth it to ensure you are in accordance with state laws. Local hospice agencies can also show you living will samples and help you find the right form for your state.

Common issues that are addressed in a living will are:

* Ventilation
* Nutrition/Hydration
* Dialysis
* Surgery
* Organ donation
* Palliative treatment and medications
* Analgesics
* Wound care
* Amputation
* Disease specific medications
* Blood transfusions
* Invasive testing

Dont just store your living will away. This may seem like a safe idea, but it is useless if not readily available. It is advised to give a copy to your physician, lawyer, and power of attorney. Consider a power of attorney too, because not every scenario can not be documented in a living will. It is wise to look over your living will every five years or with any health change and make any desired changes inside.

Candis Reade is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about Living Will Samples [], please visit My Living Wills [] for current articles and discussions.

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Awaits You in the Caregiving Journey?

By Cindy Laverty

Caregiving shows up differently for each family. Often it appears out of nowhere. Sometimes it's temporary, but frequently it hits families hard and lasts for a very long time. It's a journey that rocks worlds; steals self-esteem; creates loneliness and frustration and is full of more surprises than Christmas morning. It takes you on a labyrinth of winding roads and emotional twists and turns. If you are a caregiver, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If caregiving has not called upon you, no doubt one day it will. After all, there are currently 65 million family caregivers in America; the odds tell us that it's bound to show up one day.

Few people are ever prepared for this journey. Perhaps it's because we don't want to think about it; or maybe it's because we can't imagine having one more thing to do; so we wait and quietly we wonder if it's going to happen to us. I can tell you from personal experience and years of helping family caregivers manage the journey; even if you think you are prepared, you never really understand what is happening until you are in "it," until you are fully emerged in this life-changing journey. Certainly, you should have the proper legal work in place. You need to make a house safe for an elderly loved one and you need to have some idea about the financial resources available. If you have these things in place, then you are in the smallest minority of people who have actually thought about becoming a caregiver.

The caregiver's journey challenges each person's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual constitution. It is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have, but if you enter into it without your eyes wide open, it has the potential to make a mess of your world. So let's explore what this journey is like and what you can do to make some changes or what you need to do to prepare.

Physical Challenges: There is the obvious assistance that caregivers often need to perform; help with dressing, bathing, eating, moving from bed to chair, turning someone in bed and these types of activities can, in and of themselves be physically debilitating. However, the real detriment comes when caregivers forget about self care - caring for one's own physicality on a daily basis. There is never enough time to do all the things one needs to do in a day and therefore, the person who suffers is always the caregiver. When you put your personal well being on the back burner, it is a dangerous tight rope to walk. Caregivers who do this end up taking approximately ten years off their lives! And here's the interesting thing: When I ask someone why he/she would do this, the answer is always the same. "I don't have time to take care of me." You don't have time NOT to take care of you. If you don't put yourself at the top of the hierarchy of needs, you are headed for big trouble. If you don't matter enough to yourself, please stop and think about the person you are caring for. Who will care for that person if you end up in the hospital? I've said this before and I'm going to keep saying it - SELF CARE is NOT optional! Please do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of another.

Emotional: Caregiving is an emotional roller coaster ride. Chances are that you are watching physical and cognitive changes in someone who you are very close to and that wreaks havoc on your heart. Couple that with your own personal stress, worries, sadness and frustration and caregiving becomes a sea of emotions. Part of engaging in self care is learning ways to manage your emotions. There are so many ways to do this, but the truth is that you have to make a decision to actually do it. You can read books on this subject. You can seek wise counsel. You can get advice lots of different places, but if you don't actually DO IT, you are wasting your time. Your body will reflect what is happening for you emotionally and when you are out of balance, your body will scream at you. Practice emotional self care each and every day. Here's a little hint: Never, ever stuff your feelings. Our feelings are there for a reason. I teach people how to honor and embrace their emotions, because when we learn to do this, we just feel better.

Intellectual: Yes, caregiving challenges you intellectually, because you must now become wise about how to communicate with medical personnel. You have to learn new ways to communicate with your loved one, and this isn't always easy. You will undoubtedly be dealing with attorneys at one point or another and you will also need to learn the ins and outs of Medicare. These things are not easy because it's like taking a crash course in college to get a degree. The best things you can do are to ask a lot of questions and take notes. Be confident when you show up for appointments or when you are talking to someone on the phone. Even if you aren't confident, practice speaking like you are. Knowledge is power and in the beginning you might have to research and educate yourself. Ask questions and seek help from experts.

Spirituality: Caregiving challenges us to look inward. At some point in this journey you will be forced to get quiet and ask the big questions. You will be forced to question your beliefs and this is good. Each person's spirituality is different, and therefore, each individual must engage in a daily practice of some form of spirituality. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be taking a walk outside and listening. It might be a daily five-minute meditation. It could be a conversation with God. Maybe it's reading from a spiritual book every day or maybe it's a visit to your religious community. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you do it. What matters is that you continue to engage in a daily practice that brings peace to your soul.

Americans are struggling with the caregiving journey. We have never been taught what to do. Most of us never believed that caregiving might last for years. Many people are living in denial about the effects that caregiving will have on their lives and therefore do nothing. It's hard to wrap your head around this subject. I get that, but I also know for sure that we are being asked to step up and find new ways to care for our loved ones and that forces us to examine our lives differently. How will the caregiving journey affect you?

In this free report I share the top 10 Strategies I learned that saved my life. Visit to get immediate access to your FREE REPORT. Practice these tips and watch what happens.

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ask Your Questions about Spirit Communication

I hope you are having fun spending time with friends and family this Thanksgiving week. As I write this, I am at my parent's house in Georgia helping prepare food for about 50 guests as we gather five generations around our family matriarch. My grandmother is 96 years old and we are grateful to have her still with us. There is so much love and beauty to be thankful for all year around, but especially when we are nearing the close of the year 2012. If you are like me, you have experienced many changes inwardly this year. These indicate a spiritual shift leading us in paths to greater peace and joy. I want to support you on that journey by offering encouragement through sharing information that reminds you that we are all one in spirit. Next week, we will resume our interactive calls to discuss empathic sensitivity and spiritual transformation. I will not have a guest on the call. Instead, it will be an intimate open discussion with 45 minutes for you to ask questions about spirit communication and the afterlife. I'll send an email with the call-in information early next week, so be sure to look for that. Until then, may all your travels be safe and Spirit-filled. Yvonne Yvonne Perry is the author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience and Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. Coaching is a life-changing experience that allows you to quickly make changes and improve every aspect of your life. Learn how she can assist you on your spiritual journey at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Negative Places in the Spirit World

By Amy Lamb

There is a science to the spirit world. There are vibrational frequencies and corresponding planes of existence. I am asked all the time by clients who fear the negative places "Is there a hell?" and "Am I going to go there?". These words will bring all such fearful people comfort, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. "Hell" in terms of the individual means the mental and emotional prisons we put ourselves in while here on earth which rob us of our freedom, and also experiencing the effects of our own karma.

In the spirit world, there only planes of existence that have varying vibrational frequencies. The spirits who live on those planes have vibrational frequencies to match.

On the lowest planes, you have beings who may or may not have ever been incarnated (known as demons) and they vibrate at a very very low frequency.

At the next level up are people who were extremely negative while on earth (criminals and people who hurt other people) who vibrate low. When they die, they live out all their lower, banal, earthly desires on the lower planes until they LEARN and the lower plane no longer suits them anymore. Often they will choose to come back to earth in order to progress to the next spiritual level, a higher vibration, and thus when they die again they can graduate to a higher plane.

The higher and more good the spirit, the faster the vibration. The more negative the spirit, the slower the vibration. And all spirits live on the plane that suits their vibrational frequency.

When your physical body dies, karma and spirit law will put you on the plane that matches your vibrational frequency. You will be with other like-minded spirits who vibrate at your level and will have the opportunity to learn from visiting higher spirits.

Lower spirits cannot visit higher planes because they don't vibrate fast enough to be able to get there, but they can visit the physical plane, as it is allowed by spirit law to challenge the incarnated. Higher spirits can, and often do, visit lower planes, as well as the physical plane, to help and teach other spirits - incarnated or not - how to get to the next level.

Lower, evil, negative spirits can visit the physical plane (and note that sometimes these spirits never left the physical plane), and do so to try to deter you from evolving and progressing to the next spiritual level. Their goal is to make you feel bad emotionally, because negative emotions have that lower vibrational frequency, and they are trying to hold you down. Positive emotional vibrate with high frequency, and help to propel you and graduate you to the next level.

If they have broken or disrespected spiritual law, evil spirits can be banished to lower levels, blocking them from ever entering the physical plane again.

It is important to be aware that we can access the lower planes in the dream state, or if you have a certain kind of psychic ability, in the waking state via astral traveling. This can be frightening, but it does not mean you are under attack or possessed. Sometimes it is merely a learning experience for you so that you understand the lower levels.

If you choose not to try to improve your life, you won't evolve and will stay vibrating at a lower frequency. The more you try - the more you emit love and light to all those you touch, the more you keep striving towards earthly and spiritual goals, the more you excitedly learn tough lessons in life, and conquer the challenges presented to you (that you mapped out for yourself when you were planning your life down here), the higher you will vibrate, and when you die you will be on a new, higher plane of existence with all new opportunities to learn new things.
If you commit suicide, you will not find peace on the other side, you may get sent right back down, only this time the challenges and missions will be much more difficult. This is why you never want to commit suicide - as hard as your life may seem now, it will be much more difficult for you if you think you can escape your challenges by destroying your physical body. You will still feel depressed. All of the emotions you feel now, will remain intact, just as your personality will remain intact, once you leave the physical world. This is why it is critical for everyone to deal with their issues now.

Professional Spiritual Advocate Amy Lamb of offers instant download audio lessons, personal negative emotional energy clearings, and psychic readings to help you to create movement up and out of anger, fear, and depression. Amy prefers to be called a Professional Spiritual Advocate because she advocates your right to freedom of knowledge and power in spirituality."

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Positive Places in the Spirit World

By Amy Lamb
There is a science to the spirit world. There are vibrational frequencies and corresponding planes of existence. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, these words describing the positive places in the spirit world work for all philosophies.

The good news is that you will live forever. Your personality will persevere. Although the physical body dies, the mind lives on, and your spirit will gravitate towards your true home in the spirit world.
When your physical body dies, karma and spirit law will put you on the plane that matches your vibrational frequency. You will be with other like-minded spirits who vibrate at your level and will have the opportunity to learn from visiting higher spirits.

Your memories of past lives, memories of all the time you have spent in the spirit world in between lives, and all that you have learned will be returned to you. For most people, this is a reassuring feeling. Others will not like having their lives exposed.

You will realize that man-made doctrine and law from the physical world has no bearing or influence or place in the spirit world. This knowledge and realization will be freeing for most, and surprising for others.

After the realization that your mind is intact, although your physical body no longer functions, you will come to the conclusion that there is life after death. Your spirit is real and is functioning right now. It helps your physical body operate.

After death, your spirit generates an image and form of yourself. You will look like something and someone. You do get to choose your appearance to a certain extent, but your limitation will be your vibrational frequency.

Your spirit generates an image of your true self. Emotions and thoughts, not being physical energies, become more powerful when you fully become a spirit.

All the feelings, thoughts, and emotions you keep hidden inside while on the physical plane are revealed and shine forth for all to see. This is necessary and important for your spiritual development, and is something that will definitely happen to you.

You will still be able to see the physical world just as it is. You will be located on the spiritual plane that matches your vibrational frequency. You will be able to perceive the spiritual level you are on, earth, and all spiritual levels that vibrate with lower frequency than the one you are on.

As a spirit, you'll remember or relearn your ability to propel yourself from one environment to another by the power of thought. The power of thought has limited effect upon the physical world, but is perfectly suited for nonphysical environments.

As you begin to look at your life and understand its meaning, you will see things from a different perspective. The ability to communicate with other spirits with thought energy will become apparent to you. Rediscovering how to read and even see the thoughts of others will hasten your understanding of your true position in the world of spirits.

Meetings and reunions with those people you knew on earth either in this lifetime or past lifetimes, as well as with spirits who were with you during your time in the physical world, will be heartwarming for most, and sad for many.

Spirits create their own environments by their power of thought and intent. The realm of spirits has more form and image than anything we can imagine here on earth. All that is physical on earth has a basis in the spirit realm or nonphysical environment. Earth is a model of the spirit world, albeit a less exalted, less beautiful model.

There is much for spirits to do. Creation and expression of your ideas can lead to much healing of your spirit from your physical life. Anything you always wanted to know or learn about, you can learn. In the Hall of Knowledge, you can read the Akashic Records all about your past lives and the past lives of anyone else to your heart's content.

You can help other spirits, be helped, help animals, be an artist, be a scientist, anything you want to be or do or create within the limitations of your vibrational frequency, you just have to think it.

Interacting with other spirits, including visiting higher spirits like angels and spirit guides, will help you make sense of your life during your time on earth.

While most people in the physical plane claim they would never want to come back for another incarnation, the spirit constantly thirsts for knowledge and growth, and after resting for a while in your true home, you will find yourself yearning to get to higher levels. At this point, you plan your life and go before the Council of higher spirits to have your next life's missions approved.

Everyone of us can visit the good spiritual realms now in the dream-state. Many people visit these realms in dreams to get healing and rejuvenation to be able to continue to carry out the spiritual missions they have chosen to accomplish on earth.

Professional Spiritual Advocate Amy Lamb of offers instant download audio lessons, personal negative emotional energy clearings, and psychic readings to help you to create movement up and out of anger, fear, and depression. Amy prefers to be called a Professional Spiritual Advocate because she advocates your right to freedom of knowledge and power in spirituality."

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is Death Preordained?

By William Allan
Anonymous, I have read that God decides in advance the time and place of our death. Is this possible and if it is, can it be changed? Are we destined to die at some specific time and place and is there any way to know when and where in advance and maybe arrange not to be there at the appointed time and place, and skip the appointment?

First and foremost, there is much that needs to be cleared up regarding the subject of death. Death is something that mankind has feared and been fascinated with since the beginning of time, but in order to have any intelligent discussion, we must first agree on a commonly held definition of the word "death".

Dictionary definition; Death is the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.

In this article and for purposes of discussion, the Soul is the Entity, one and the same, it's just that for personal reasons I prefer the term Entity over Soul, due to detrimental religious baggage attached to the term Soul.

In greater terms, there is truly no such thing as death as you understand it. The above definition is correct to a certain extent, but not entirely true in other terms. At what you would call the point of clinical death, a perceived cessation of all vital functions is misleading at best. Your physical body does terminate some physical functions upon death, but that does not mean the your body is devoid of all conscious actions.

It is true that the vital functions of the physical body do shut down upon death, but the human personality is much more than the physical body. In fact the physical body represents only a small percentage of the human personality while it is materialized in human form.

You are not your physical body, and never were. Your consciousness uses the physical form as a vehicle to gain experience while it is centered in the physical world. Your consciousness exists independent of physical form. It existed before you had a physical body and it will continue to exist after the physical body is long gone.

Your present habit of trying to pinpoint the exact time of death is erroneous at best, since there simply is no one exact point of death. Dying is a process, a withdrawal of the directive consciousness from the corporal structure, but this process is usually not an abrupt exit, but a gentle departure that can take varying lengths of time, depending on the motivations of the dying personality.

There are many extenuating circumstances considered as the personality makes the decision to leave the physical plane behind, many of these circumstances having to do with the desires of the dying personality with regards to his intensity of affection for the physical system and for those who he leaves behind.

If someone operates well in the physical system, he is usually more reluctant to part ways, but on the other hand, if the personality has not adapted well to physical life, he may be anxious to get out of his body and leave the earth system behind.

Your physical body is much more and far more complex organism than your scientists realize. Your physical body, in terms of inhabiting consciousness, is composed of your inner conscious personality attributes, the overriding directive consciousness of the organism.

But there is much more to consider. In an over-simplified way, your physical body is a two part construction, consisting of the inner directive, identity consciousness that you refer to as the ego, the (I) that you know so well and the bodily consciousness, about which you know very little. The body consciousness operates under the directive of the inner self and functions quite automatically.

You, in total, are made up of literally millions of small conscious particles, beginning with the smallest known to science such as electrons, atoms and molecules. The physical body is the result of almost unimaginable co-operation of these innumerable, smallest conscious, physical particles, working together to construct a viable physical construction that will serve as a home for the directive, self aware consciousness of the physically materialized directive, ego personality while it is focused in the physical system.

Unbeknownst to most of science today, every bit of physical matter possesses some degree of consciousness. This body consciousness is a gestalt consciousness composed of the minute consciousness of every particle that joins in the physical construction.

To understand this and much more about the miraculous assemblage of atoms, molecules and organs that participate in the construction of the physical body, you must at least begin to understand the co-operation required of all elements that participate in this construction.

I know this will be hard to understand for those who are new to these articles, but understanding the creation of the physical body, you will also have a leg up on understanding the construction of your environment, your world and your universe. They are all created in precisely the same way.

Consciousness is a participating endeavor in which all physical particles join into gestalt formations of every physical object and event, but for now lets stick with objects. These smaller particles, such as electrons, protons, atoms and such all have an inner knowledge of their being, and at the risk of being committed, I must also tell you that the same particles that compose a rock, in their limited way, also posses a more generalized consciousness. To you, they would not be considered alive since they don't move about, but neither does a flower or a blade of grass, but still, they do perceive.

It can be no other way, since consciousness creates physical matter, and if a rock did not have some degree of conscious awareness, it could not be a rock. I would like you however, to keep in mind that "everything is consciousness". There is nothing that you can see or perceive, in your waking state or in your dreams that is completely devoid of consciousness.

When you die, your inner directive consciousness has begun a process of separating itself from the physical body. To attempt to identify the exact time of death happening is a mistake, since in some cases, such as in the "coma state", that separation has happened long before the last breath is taken.

When the enduring inner personality withdraws from the body, the body consciousness, which is composed of the individual consciousnesses of all of the smaller particles, may live on for varying lengths of time. It is not uncommon upon exhuming graves of those long dead, even after hundreds of years, to find that the hair and finger and toenails are continuing to grow.

You live in a world of freedoms of actions and movement, limited mostly by your own beliefs. When you took on a life in the physical system, you were given complete independence from your Soul/Entity and while the physical body is alive and functioning, there is and can be no interference. Actually, from the perspective of the Soul or Entity, it is incapable of interfering once a new personality has been given life. So, you are on your own, for better or worse.

As far as the creation of new personalities, God has very little to do with that, since it is the Entity that creates new personalities, the Entity, so intellectually and spiritually advanced, that it has what you would consider God-like qualities. It is the Entity that creates new personalities and it is the Entity that is involved when the time of death approaches.

To the Entity, who sees beyond death, death is no big deal. The life of a personality could be compared to a day in the life of the entity. The death circumstances of any personality are known in advance by the Entity, but in terms that need further explanation.

You live in a probable system of reality, where all possibilities of action are probable. What that means in laymen's terms, is that all probable actions, including death, exist simultaneously alongside of all other probable actions. Some possible actions are more probable than others, and for that reason, some rather reliable predictions can be made in advance, by being able to perceive the field of probabilities.

All physical actions are materialized and rise up out of the field of probabilities, but until the final choice as to which action will be taken, which event will be chosen to materialize, changes can still be made. From this, you can see that there can be no such a reality as "pre-destination".

As an example, a very simple analogy is in order here. Lets presume that you are a racecar driver. In the field of probabilities, which I hope by now, you have gathered is a field of psychological future events; all of your possible future probable deaths exist from the day of your birth.

For you, it would not be too far off base to make an assumption that the possibility of a violent death would be more probable than a peaceful death in a nursing home. But, that taken into consideration, it would still be impossible to predict or know for sure, since new choices can be made at any time prior to selecting specifics.

At the very last minute, before a race, you could get sick, withdraw from the race, be taken to the hospital and die in bed of pneumonia, although this would not be the most likely probability.

The final death decision is made through inner communication between the Soul/Entity and the personality. Usually there is agreement, but in the end, the Entity will make the important decision to continue or to terminate the present life, knowing that nothing more of great value can be gained by prolonging the inevitable.

On another level, no one ever dies who is not ready to die. The Soul/Entity is aware of this information before you are born and you are not disconnected from your Soul.

From its lofty standpoint, the Soul/Entity knows what is best and has the interest of the personality in mind. The Entity, being aware of the continuity of life, already sees a probable new life rising out of the field of probabilities. Unfortunately, at this stage of your development, you are not privy to the same type of information.

As far as God and life's events are concerned, there is NO SUCH THING AS PREDEISTIATION!

My name is W. Allan, single male 65, a resident of Naples Florida. I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and have in the past, written a column called SECRET REALITY, for spiritual and metaphysical magazines. I have recently published two e-books available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony E-Reader and several other e-book formats. You can contact me any at my e-mail address:

Books can be previewed and purchased at;

Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening To Me?

What is God?

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beyond the Gates of Death

By Bonnie Moss
Does Death Come Without Warning?

Edgar Cayce expressed it best - in a trance, the psychic stated, ".. with error entered that is called death, which is only a transition or through God's other door into that realm where the entity has built, in its manifestations as related to the knowledge and activity respecting the law of the universal influence."

"Dying is a process which begins before the soul takes leave of the body and in fact begins before any illness, accident, or happening which may cause physical death." - Harvey A. Green
In sleep, the soul travels to realms outside the physical and material world. A time comes when in these travels, the spirit/soul departs in preparation of moving past this earthly life. It is a time when the soul travels between the two worlds-the earthly realm and the realm beyond. Death is an inevitable part of being born. In youth when life is full of dreams and health is excellent, who ponders death? Yet- in a moment, death can come knocking.

No one really knows what lies beyond death.

It is all speculation as to how and what the realm beyond death is like.There are no verifiable evidence of a dead person coming back to this life to share a glimpse, if that, of what life is after death. Contact with those who passed on are all based on personal experience, some are conducted at seance, where a medium claims the uncanny ability to make contact with those who are supposedly in the other realm.

There are volumes of books written about specific evidence that there is life beyond the gates of death. Religious or social beliefs, teachings, culture or tradition has not presented a concrete evidence of life after death. There are those who do not believe there is life beyond. Death is the end. These can only be subject to argument- they can neither be proved or disproved.

A Transition Zone

Death is a mystery. More mysterious is the question where do the dead go? Is there a life after death? What do us, living humans know about death? Is there such a place where life goes on after death in a totally different realm? Death is the end of a physical, material existence. There is a popular belief that at death, the dying person sees a playback of his /her life - success, failure, mistakes, relationships, a total sum of what their life was all about.

Rudolph Steiner writes: "our transition after death is like stepping into our own thoughts where we have existed all along. This is an inward step, so small, so natural; yet from a material perspective it is so abrupt, and so extreme. At the moment of change some of us are completely aware of what is happening, some of us only partly aware, and yet others totally unaware. Ultimately we meet and greet our own death with the same awareness and attention to detail we gave to our experiences in life."

The transition zone is a place where the soul/spirit goes immediately after dying. This is a spiritual dimension where the soul gets a chance to adjust to what is beyond the physical death. This is believed to help the soul who is crossing over, avoid confusion and minimize the shock of dying as the soul enters a different realm and dimension. For some, it can be a hellish experience, but a temporary one. There are those who do not realize they died and passed on to another realm. It is like a dreamstate, where a dreamer is transported to a world not consistent with their waking reality.

Spiritual Perspective of Death

Some of us are afraid of death. It is human nature to cling on to life. Medical breakthrough makes it possible to prolong life. There are many cases where such measures are futile, the physical body becomes a prison. Yet- no one knows when the Grim Reaper will come calling. Life does have its ups and downs. Torment can plague a person in its very core. When it is too much to bear, a person commits suicide. Accidents have claimed many lives. Death is a road to one destination for all of mankind. What awaits us in that realm?

Is there a reality beyond death? Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner believe there is a realm beyond the gates of death.While on earth, our reality is outwards. We clutter our lives, we develop attitudes that can be harmful. We stay further away from an inner reality, a spiritual perspective. Upon death, as the soul leaves the physical body, it reflects on the physical realm inwardly. These are the memories, relationships, activities and the clutter stored within which seem prominent at the first stage of dying.

In death, one steps into one's thoughts, seemingly a small, natural step, yet from a material
standpoint, it is extreme and abrupt. In time, the soul/spirit's attention finds a different focus. For those who receive prayers from loved ones on earth, this is a time when it is needed the most.

The Borderland

Some writers refer to a realm, the borderland, found at the outer edge of the mental realms, where all the material aspect of life is manifest in its purest state. It is believed that the soul who gets here in this realm is definitely aware of a change, or awakening. Senses are sharper and more sensitive. The soul/spirit finds its true being. In this realm, one feels like one just emerged from a hazy daze. The surroundings are familiar- places, faces of people you've known who passed on before you, some unknown souls who may have shared some connection on earth.

The borderland is where a detailed review of one's earthly life occurs, with clarity that was obscured while on earth.

Rudolph Steiner notes that there are beings around who provide protection from getting immersed in this emotional state and confusion. There is no limitation imposed by time or space in this realm, but this review process is gradual. This provides the healing that is needed. This process allows the soul to move on. There are regions in the valley of death where the departed travel as they ascend to the Eternal Light.There are Beings of Light who have always been around in that realm by their choice to provide guidance.

Death is indeed a celebration of life. Beyond its door is a good place- where illness, violence, anger, hatred and other negative human traits are not known to exist. There are souls who need to work on negative traits while on earth.

There is a belief that some souls/spirits choose to stay in solitude for undetermined length.There are souls/spirits who choose to be earthbound. There are others who choose to re-incarnate and plan their next life on earth. Edgar Cayce predicted that he will be back on earth in 200 years.

Gifted individuals who have a second sight or insight into life beyond the grave share their beliefs on what lies beyond the gates of death. These thoughts help to diminish the fear of dying and it is refreshing to have a glimpse of what awaits in the realm of eternity.

Psalm 23
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want
He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul, he leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil for you are with me.

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Bonnie Moss writes to share her thoughts and experiences with her readers. She adds a spiritual dimension in most of her writings. She hopes to inspire others to look deep within and share their knowledge. She believes that we can all make a difference.

Visit her website:

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Questions to Consider When Choosing Between Burial and Cremation

By Mitch A Albom
One particularly difficult decision that we will all have to make at some point is whether we want to be buried or cremated when we pass. Although nobody can make this decision for you, I will now outline a few questions that are worth asking yourself when you are trying to make the difficult choice.

What Does Your Religion Teach?

In some cases, the choice between cremation and burial will be decided upon by the religion that you prescribe to. Although the number of religions that forbid cremation is significantly less than in the past, there are still some religions that do indeed forbid it. The most notable example is probably Judaism.

How Much do you Want to Spend?

Much like most questions you have answered in your life, one factor to consider when it comes to choosing between burial and cremation is how much money you want to spend. In general cremation is significantly cheaper than burial but this only applies if you do not purchase the many add-ons that most funeral directors offer. When you choose to be cremated, you have the option of purchasing a casket to place your urn in during the funeral ceremony and you can also purchase a headstone at a memorial park. Should you purchase these items, cremation will not work out that much cheaper than burial.

Do You Want to Choose the Green Option?

Many people who have cared about the environment during their lives, want to do so also in death. Should you feel this way, cremation is the right way to go. The chemicals used in the embalming process of those about to be buried are highly toxic and when you choose burial, you will also be taking a spot on the earth forever. Many people also consider both the carbon footprint left by machinery being used to dig a grave and the fact that coffins are not biodegradable.

Where do you Want your Remains to Be?

Probably the most important question to answer when choosing between burial and cremation is exactly where you want your remains to be kept.

When you choose burial, you can choose a graveyard that is near to your loved ones. Doing so offers your loved ones a place to pay their respects and many people argue that a burial patch is very beneficial during the grieving process.

On the other hand, should you choose to be cremated, there are significantly more options. Most people opt to have their ashes spread in a place that they were happy or a place that has important sentimental value to them.

What You Don't Need to Ask Yourself

Finally, there is a pretty common misconception out there that if you choose cremation, you cannot have a traditional church funeral service. This is not even remotely true however. If you choose to be cremated, other than the fact that there will be an urn instead of a coffin, your loved ones can still attend an identical funeral service.

Get more information about Cremation services in CT and for that you just have to click here on the given links.

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are There Ghosts Or Entities in Your Life

By Bart Sharp
Going beyond the tales of ghosts that we have all heard in stories, television and in books. I have found that entities and some ghosts are involved in most people's lives often without them knowing it.

Most ghosts are simply beings that have died and generally due to their own fears when they were alive decide not to move on to an after life. In some cases the death was so abrupt that the ghost never realizes that they have transitioned. In other situations people that have a great fear of death resist the transition so strongly that they remain on this plane as a ghost.

In a slow process all ghosts lose their connection to living life and basically drift as lost spirits with a few purposes or missions that they are steadfastly connected to. That is why a ghost will stay in a place and do one specific behavior such as; defend a home from intruders. That mission was important to them when they were alive. In most cases ghosts are a little more than a nuisance.

Entities on the other hand are more disturbing; they can influence your disposition to life, drain your energy, create illnesses and more. In my experience in removing entities I have seen a wide variety of ailments/behaviors that quickly left once the entity was removed such as: an unexplainable illness that no one seemed to be able to identify the cure, noises or voices that occurred in the person's mind that would not go away, suddenly tiredness, depression, headaches, being angry or aggressive for no apparent reason and more.

There are a variety of entities that attach to people and pets. They come from dimensional planes that function at a lower vibrational rate than ours. When they come here they are mostly attracted to people whose mindset matches the entity's own vibration. As a result people that have lots of anger, rage, guilt, addiction or other limiting emotions are the entity's preferred choice. There are exceptions as people that are very evolved can have entities as well.

Places that are most likely to have entities are hospitals, bars, mental institutions and other places. Basically the places that have elements of fear (which is the basis of rage, addiction, trauma, guilt etc...) generally attract more entities. I worked with a woman whose right side of her body was numb. She had recently been released from an institution for addiction to pain medications. After in intense hour of removing the entities (all done over the phone) her body was back to normal. Many cases of mental illness can have an ingredient of entities that influence the person's mental stability.

Bart Sharp is an Access Learning Facilitator from Austin Texas. He has worked on a variety of people and homes with entities or ghosts. Bart is available for home visits, phone sessions and teaches classes on ghost and entity removals. He can be contacted at 512 809 6807 or For more information about Bart and Access Energy Transformation go to [] or

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remove Entities and Take Back Your Life

By Lily Mars, Ph.D.
Entities are disembodied souls that have not made the full transition to the other side, or gone 'into the light.' For one reason or another, they have chosen to remain on this earthly dimension after their human existence has ended in physical death.

There are several reasons why a soul may choose not to leave the earth plane at the time of death. There may be a loved one who they do not want to leave, or 'abandon,' such as a child or romantic partner. It may involve an addictive behavior, such as gambling, excessive drinking or sexual obsession. Whatever the motivation, the soul remains close to the human realm and sometimes interacts with people who are still very much alive... even though such a person may not be consciously aware of the interaction.

Over the years, I have worked with people around the world who are experiencing issues with entities and have found that there is a wide range of situations involved.

What I'm referring to is a situation where a disembodied soul actually merges into the body of a human being and cohabits with the soul of the host body. Quite commonly it involves a person whose energy field is in a weakened or vulnerable state. This may be the result of emotional trauma, physical illness, use of drugs or pharmaceuticals, or other such scenarios. Once the entity has linked into the human body, it can be quite difficult to disengage it.

Consider, as an example, a client whom I've renamed 'George.' He came to me because of emotional issues in his life stemming, in part, from an addiction to gambling. He was struggling to understand what was going on within himself. Sometimes he felt an inexplicable sadness, without any apparent cause. Other times he felt energized, on top of the world - fired up and ready to hit the casinos. The mood swings were unpredictable, and they were, understandably, taking a toll on his relationship with his partner. As I began to work with him, it became obvious that he had an entity, sometimes referred to as an 'uninvited guest,' lodged within.

One of the characteristics of entities is their desire for concealment so as not to be discovered. As I began to speak directly to the entity inside George, it was startled to be recognized and directly addressed. As I began to converse with the entity, it became clear that it had had a long, established, co-dependent relationship with George, dating back 20 years or more. Being inside of George was simply its way of perpetuating addictive activities, from which it derived great pleasure. As it turned out, George's penchant for gambling had begun shortly after the death of his father. And it may well be that the emotional trauma surrounding his father's death weakened George's defenses, providing an energetic doorway for the entity to come in.

Perhaps it would be helpful to explain how I verify whether, or not, an entity is present and how I establish contact with it. Thanks to my inner vision, or clairvoyance, I am able to 'see' an entity, even if the client is not in my physical presence. When looking directly at a person who has an entity, it appears as a cloud-like silhouette lurking inside the individual's eyes.

At the point at which the entity is actually 'seen,' I receive guidance in the form of an inner voice that usually confirms the entity's presence. Deep, concentrated focus on the entity draws it into fuller, more conscious contact with me, so that I may begin to communicate with it. Although the entity is normally quite shocked that it has been discovered, it almost always responds to my introductory questions and, in most cases, reveals his or her name and the circumstances surrounding how it got there.

Going back to my work with George, following my normal procedure in such cases, I reminded the entity that it did not have George's permission to reside within his body. And, that it was George's desire for him to leave - now. There clearly was no animosity between the entity and George. In fact, the entity exhibited a great deal of concern and compassion about George's future well-being, since they had both become accustomed to living together as one. Their farewell to each other was very touching and tearful, each blessing the other with words of kindness and appreciation.

At this point, I routinely call in two angels to escort the entity to the Schools of Wisdom within the higher dimensions. The shift in energy in George's eyes was profound. And George, himself, expressed a feeling of new found spaciousness within his own body - a feeling of freedom he could not recall having ever experienced before.

Once the entity has been released, I go through a similar process to determine if another entity may also be present. My experience has shown that where there is one entity, there are often two or more.

In the case of George, a second entity was indeed lurking within. This one was totally surprised to be detected; it had hoped to enjoy the new sense of expansiveness within George, now that the first and more influential entity had been removed.

Following a similar procedure, the second entity was released into the higher realms. But in this case, there was clearly not the depth of connection between the entity and George, although it had resided within George since childhood. Having this second and final entity purged from his body, George felt a tremendous sense of relief and liberation, knowing that he was finally poised to fully reclaim his life. His tears of liberation and gratitude were palpable.

One of the most gratifying rewards of this work is that the effects are experienced immediately and the evidence of a successful clearing is tangibly visible and felt.

Several telltale symptoms are sure-fire giveaways that an entity may be present. Experiencing frequent mood swings, feeling emotionally depressed or low in energy over an extended period of time, including chronic fatigue syndrome, having addictions, or avoiding direct eye contact are just a few of the signals that indicate the possible presence of an entity.

Why might energy depletion be linked to an entity? An easy way to think of it is to consider the body as a complete unit - in other words, 100% 'you.' If part of your energy field is drawn upon by an entity, there is less than 100% left for you to live the life you want to lead.

One might also question why an addiction may be associated with an entity. Consider people who have lived a life addicted to taking chemical substances, drinking alcohol, overeating, excessive shopping, or any of a number of other seemingly unstoppable habits. Despite the fact that human life ends at some point, the soul lives on without end. And in some cases, the soul does not wish to give up these tantalizing activities. By remaining within the field of human life, an entity has the opportunity to continue to experience the pleasures of the addictive behavior through the body of a host - usually an unsuspecting host.

In fact, for those psychics with the gift of sight or clairvoyance, it is not surprising to see many entities 'floating around' in bars, gambling casinos or other locations where addictive behaviors are continually lived out. Many entities are literally laying in wait for the opportunity to merge into a person whose defenses are down, such as someone who is inebriated, so they can begin to imbibe, once again.

Having acknowledged this, I want to emphasize that entity situations do not always imply a host with unsavory habits. In some cases it may simply be a codependent attraction between two souls, oftentimes stemming from a close soul connection over multiple lifetimes. In such instances, the intent is anything but malevolent. However, an entity situation is never in the highest good of either the person or the entity and, therefore, should be remedied as soon as possible.

My work in dealing with entities grew out of energy healing work, as it became apparent that physical and emotional disturbances are sometimes the result of an 'uninvited guest' coexisting within the person's energy field. My spirit guides have been instrumental in teaching me how to recognize the presence of entities and facilitate their removal in a loving and compassionate, yet strong and straightforward manner. As with any form of healing, a precondition of entity removal is the expressed desire and full cooperation of the person involved.

Having performed countless sessions - each unique in its own way - what has been consistent are the profound changes that have taken place in the individual as a result of the entity's removal. And with this comes the knowledge that there is real hope for thousands of people around the globe who are craving to lead healthy, emotionally fulfilling lives, but have not been able to access the right key. This work proves that there is a remedy and that the key is within reach.

Lily holds a Ph.D. in psychology and has enjoyed a long, successful career as a consultant to several Fortune 500 companies. She has been sought after by individuals around the globe for her strength in bridging across dimensions and communicating with loved ones on the other side, as well as for the clarity and accuracy of her channeled insights. Lily is also respected for her astute intuitive guidance as clients navigate through transformative shifts in their lives and career paths.

Other areas in which Lily has special expertise include understanding one's life purpose, communication with the higher self, ancestral healing, identification and removal of entities, walk-in experiences, past life regression and animal communication.

For more information about Lily, her multidimensional capabilities and the services she provides, visit

Article Source:,_Ph.D.
For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ghosts, Spirits and Hauntings

By L. Meyer
We're all fascinated with ghosts. There are so many television programs that center around ghost hunting such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted and Ghost Lab.

Shows about paranormal research, haunted houses and ghosts caught on tape are becoming more and more popular. True ghost stories have gained the attention of millions of viewers.

Ghosts and hauntings have become a focus of entertainment, mainly because we want to know more about what ghosts are and why they're here.

There is a difference between ghosts and spirits, and is explained as follows:


Spirits are the energies of deceased loved ones and friends who have died and gone into the Light. However, they do have the ability to visit us, and they do very often. They can come and go as they please between our world and the Other Side.

Spirits are not bound by space and time like humans are. They are pure energy and move about effortlessly. Spirits love to let us know they're with us and that they aren't far away at all.


Ghosts are the energies of people who, for their own reasons, are earthbound. Basically, ghosts are:

1. People who have died suddenly and don't know they're dead
2. People who are attached to loved ones or places and don't want to leave them

Hauntings occur when a ghost feels threatened by our presence, or feels we're invading the space they once occupied, or is angry because their lives ended too soon.

If you feel your home is haunted by a ghost, you can try to get rid of them by firmly asking them to leave, and explain that they're no longer alive and must go to the light. You can also ask spirit to escort them to the light.

While ghosts may haunt houses and will do so for many years, spirit will come to get them eventually. Until then, we need to have more compassion and understanding for them, and look at their existence from their point of view.

Get the "Soul Comfort Insider", it's free and enjoyed by hundreds of people each week - and it's sent right to your inbox!

Lori Meyer has been studying the metaphysical for over a decade. She has studied under many powerful and celebrated spiritual teachers including medium-clairvoyant Lisa Williams, Charles Virtue, William Lee Rand and Sandy Anastasi.

Article Source:
Article Source:

For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Caskets - Guidance on Eco-Friendly Burial

By Danny A Bishop

Nowadays it is possible to prepare an eco-friendly or green funeral service for your relatives with eco-friendly caskets and cremation urns. For households who do not like to harm the planet while placing their household to rest can include greener choices into their funeral set up. Green funerals are all about maintaining the funeral service simple, pure and elegant as possible by returning to nature in a way that won't harm the environments, but will actually retain the yard and enhance opportunities for birds it's about leaving the earth a much better place. The eco-friendly funeral movement is gaining momentum. Lots of people are choosing to be buried in caskets that don't create toxins and pollutants into the environment.

Initially, you will need to decide what to do with the dead body. There are numerous possibilities, all of which are green. An example may be cremation. Over the past several years, crematoriums are making an effort to lower their emissions. Despite minimal pollution, cremating may be better for the atmosphere compared to traditional funerals. If you like to pick a technique against cremation, go with burial, here you are burying your loved one in a green cemetery in an "Green" casket. Under these circumstances, the body eventually decomposes, becoming portion of the world. Many processes that are part of basic funerals, such as embalming, conventional coffins and concrete containers, delay this procedure, using unfavorable items to the planet. Eco-friendly graveyards do not let some of these circumstances to be exposed to the environment within their border.

With regards to memorials, there are many methods that can be obtained. Becoming increasingly popular, you may now pick from a variety of eco-friendly or green caskets. These caskets are biodegradable and are good for the earth. Most individuals find that there is a financial difference between green caskets and traditionally caskets. The least expensive, and likewise green casket, is the cardboard casket. This casket is as large as a usual casket; however it is shaped in more of a rectangular shape with a top that fits over it. Extremely cost-effective, card board eco-friendly caskets tend to cost more or less $50.

Keep it small. A funeral service of only a few close friends and family members creates far fewer wastes than inviting thousands of individuals, many of whom travel long distances to visit. For the service alone, keep things local and low impression. Print programs on recycled papers, use locally produced flowers, carpool during the procession, or even offer organic foods. Leave a living memorial. Instead of a more regular gravestone or mausoleums, consider growing a tree honoring the deceased. This funeral is not only more ecologically sounded than the traditional memorial, but also much more welcoming and hopeful.

Aside from donating your loved one's organs, selecting an eco-friendly caskets and urn there is another significant factor you need to think about. Select a green funeral ground. Eco-friendly funeral grounds support the healthy growth of local plants and creatures and take care of the land on which they sit from encroaching development.

Learning more about different kinds of caskets can certainly help anyone at the end. You can in fact find more details regarding coffins online.

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

By Roberto Sedycias
Every adult seems to have a finely tuned set of "alarm bells" that sound when a child tells a story that just does not seem real, so why would anyone believe a four-year-old who claims to have made a trip to heaven and to have met family members who have passed on and much, much more.

The scene is this: Colton Burpo, son of Todd and Sonja Burpo of Nebraska, needs an emergency appendectomy. As he begins to come out of the anesthesia, Colton is like any other little boy, but he has a story to tell his Dad.

It's not an instant tale, either, as it takes a long time to work its way through the youngster's psyche to the point where he can verbalize it. That his Dad would understand what he was about to hear from Colton comes from the fact that he is a pastor of a church.

Colton first tells his Dad that he met he great-grandpa while under anesthesia and while he was there he met God. By this point, most peoples' alarm bells would be going off, but in this case there was just something in the way it came out slowly.

For example, he told his folks that he met his younger sister, a girl who looked much like his older sister Cassie. The weird issue here is that Colton could not have known about his second sister, as she was stillborn. This, of course, made his folks sit up and take notice and they also contacted a Christian literary agent to see if there was a story there.

It turns out that there was a story there as Colton told his Dad, finally, that he had met with Jesus.
Now, the four- or five-year-old Colton, by this time, was never told of any of the grievous wounds suffered by Jesus, especially in his hands, so Dad was not convinced that Colton had made the trip.

He pulled his notes together and wrote up the 163-page book Heaven is for Real and they found a small Christian press that was willing to take a chance on it, ordering a 40,000-copy first run. It turns out that the Heaven is for Real is for real as a work, itself, as the 40,000 copies soon turned into 1.5 million copies and trips to the New York Times best-seller list. It's also been at the top of the Barnes and Noble's sales list and Amazon sales lists. Even Wal-Mart has picked it up.

Interestingly, not knowing how the response would be to the first run, they kept the advertising budget low and, using only key spots on Fox, CNN and the "700 Club," Heaven is for real gained some real weight, the kind of weight from which best-sellers are made.

The publishing house wasn't prepared for the response it received but its paperback division managed to cope with the demand.

What has made this book so special? It is the hope that it gives folks that there is something special waiting when we're called back to the Lord and put down our worldly burdens. That, with all of the uncertainty of the last decade or more, starting around 9/11, is something that people have been seeking.

Colton, by the way, is now 11 and hopes that each family who gains something from his visit is truly blessed.

Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for ecommUS

Article Source:
Article Source:

For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Healing Wounds Through Understanding of Afterlife

By Kelli Glesige
In "More Than Meets the Eye," true stories of individuals and their encounters with near death experiences are shared. Yvonne Perry explains why death is not to be feared, why many of us do fear death, and ways to overcome our fears. We are given glimpses into what the afterlife holds.

Perry speaks about souls and the ceremonies we hold, ghosts and spirits, and our spirit guides which assist us on our journey. She touches on treatments for the remains of our loved ones. The sensitive subject of suicide is discussed. Euthanasia and the two types, active and passive, are talked about. Perry speaks of the benefits of having a Living Will and what it will do. She even includes a copy of a Living Will which when completed and photocopied, may be used as a legal document.

The concept of hospice care is explained, and it can be a great option for many families whose loved one has a limited amount of time left to live. Perry states that hospice comforts the whole family emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually while preparing for transition. It should be noted that hospice helps to heal, not cure, all issues.

Anyone who has lost a loved one or who has questions or uncertainties about death and dying will find the book helpful and informative. The whole process is portrayed as positive and uplifting. I found the first hand experiences to be quite interesting.

This book made me think about life and death in ways I never have before. One should find great comfort in knowing that all the stories had a common link among the individuals. It appears that we all go to a Light Source and find a better place with God. A consistent thread of all those having near death experiences or getting a taste of the afterlife is that there is a better place to go to than where we are now. That is definitely something to look forward to! Almost everyone having these NDE was reluctant to return back to the life we currently know to complete their living. This should provide comfort for those concerned about loved ones having already passed on. The comforting consistent message is that God loves us unconditionally.

"Our fear of death is an unrealistic fear. Death should be feared no more than birth, for there is no separation between the physical and non-physical realms." Perry gives comfort by stating that it does not matter what our religious background is, we may find comfort in knowing that our life on Earth is not all there is - that there truly is more than meets the eye!

Featured as "book of the week" January 23, 2006 by Reader Views.

Kelli Glesige is a book reviewer with Reader Views
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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Musings on the Afterlife, Ghosts, and the Veil Between Realities

By Diane Brandon 
We all tend to by fascinated by questions about the afterlife - what happens to people after they die, for example, or what we will experience after we transition. Connected to these questions is the issue of ghosts and apparitions. What do these phenomena say about the afterlife and our universe?
I have pondered these questions myself over the years, in addition to having some direct experiences that have given me information, and would like to offer some insight that may shed more light on these topics and give more than the usual explanations.

The Afterlife

I've been privileged to tap into the Other Side over and over again in my intuitive work with clients over the years and have somewhat of an outsider's glimpse into it as a result. (As I write "outsider," I have one of those "not quite true" gut feelings that denies what one has stated - probably because since birth I've felt more comfortable There than here on Earth.) At any rate, I've been able to get a glimmer of the Other Side over and over again.

Most of us have witnessed mediums communicating with departed loved ones, one of the ways that many people have gotten a sense of the afterlife. What has struck me about mediumship is that every medium I have thus far seen appears to be communicating with the personality of the person who died. But that's not what I get when I tap into the transitioned loved ones of my clients - and frankly this has puzzled me.

When I tune into someone who has died, I often have to do two things: first, tune into the person in life (when he/she was still alive) to verify that I've got the right person, and, secondly, to then tune into the person at the present time. However, when I tune into the present, I don't usually get the personality of that last lifetime. Instead, I get the higher soul awareness, rather than the Sue or Tom that my client would recognize or know.

What I've come to learn is that we have a different persona (or personality) from one lifetime to another. Just as we will change gender, race, nationality (planet), etc. in different lifetimes, so too will we have different personalities.

At some point after we transition, we drop the persona of that lifetime and get into our higher soul awareness, the awareness that transcends and incorporates all the persona's we've adopted from lifetime to lifetime. Whereas in life we may have been American, for example, our higher soul awareness is that of a child of the universe, not identified with any one country or culture. (Yet we can always remember who we were in any lifetime.) I've seen some people who were able to get into their higher soul awareness almost immediately upon transitioning (perhaps because they had a deeper or more conscious spirituality during their previous life), and I've seen others who took much longer to do so (and were actually struggling to acclimate to where they were for any of a variety of reasons). The length of time it takes to acclimate will vary from person to person (bearing in mind, of course, that time as it may exist on the Other Side, has no direct correlation to our experience of time here). Yes, it does get complicated!

Insofar as what people are doing on the Other Side is concerned, I've gotten quite diverse things - things that have given me an even better sense of the afterlife. (Because I've covered that in my book Invisible Blueprints, I won't detail it here.) What I would like to say here, though, is that our loved ones don't forget those they left behind on Earth. Even though they get into their higher soul awareness at some point and have dropped the personality of their last lifetime, they remember their loved ones, are aware of what they are experiencing, and are fully able to project their personality to their loved ones whenever they choose to. This may be what mediums are communicating with: the projection of the personality. And the reason for this may be that loved ones left behind would not take as much comfort from a communication from the higher soul awareness, devoid of the personality they knew in life. Passed-on loved ones are aware of this fact, choosing to project what would be both recognizable and comforting to those on Earth.

Ghosts and Apparitions

No discussion of departed souls would be complete without a discussion of ghosts and apparitions. I recently attended the Mensa Annual Gathering at which there were two presentations on ghosts, in addition to mine on intuition. (And, yes, Mensans were genuinely interested in these topics.) Neither presenter on ghosts covered the source of the "hauntings" in much depth - i.e., what caused them. Yet the question fascinates me.

I have read a great deal about the subject of ghosts in the last forty years, and I even lived in a house that was haunted back in the mid-70s outside of Chapel Hill. From what I've read and experienced, I feel that different hauntings can come from a range of causes.

Let's take that haunted house I lived in. The house had been built in the early 20th Century and lived in by the same family for about fifty years, but had been vacant for almost twenty years when I moved in. The first night I spent there, I saw a ball of light go through the room after the light had been turned off. This was my first such experience - and it really jolted me. (It's one thing to read about such things and quite another to experience it for the first time.) I also heard noises, like a party going on, from a room across the hall, a room that was physically empty at the time. Over the next couple of years, there were noises upstairs that sounded like children running through the room (even though the room was full of boxes and furniture and had no clear path for anyone to run through) and drawers being opened and closed. Footsteps were heard coming down the stairs a few nights, articles were moved on occasion, and the dogs would sometimes yelp and jump off the front porch. A figure fitting the description of the father of the family would sometimes be seen outside at dusk.

The noises were quite real. If I had had a tape recorder, I'm sure they could have been recorded. However, those noises felt to me that they were simply an accumulation of daily noises from the past - a residue still in the house - auditory manifestations devoid of any volition or intent. In other words, the children weren't trying to haunt and I didn't feel that a presence was trying to create them. The daily activities and noises of the family from over the decades were simply imprinted in some way on the house and its atmosphere.

The articles being moved, on the other hand, did seem to have volition behind them, as if someone had willfully and deliberately - if not mischievously - moved them.

What this means is that not all apparitions or manifestations are caused intentionally or that there is an intentional haunting.

There are often hauntings and apparitions in locations where there was tragedy, massive death, or great pain and suffering or stress. Take the battlefield at Gettysburg, for example, which has been reported to be haunted, or a house where there's been a sudden, violent, or tragic death. I feel that a place that has seen intense or consistent suffering is imprinted with the emotional intensity - the emotional residue - of those involved, without any volition or intent to haunt. After all, emotions are energy, and intense emotions are intensified energy which can imprint on a physical location.

A friend recently visited an old battleship and felt the presence of the spirits of the men who had served on the ship still there. She questioned the haunting nature of this experience. Yet it may not be a true haunting in the sense of someone departed trying to haunt a place. The ship certainly saw a lot of emotional intensity during its service - fear, intense focus during battles, painful death - and that emotionality very well may have been imprinted on the ship. And, additionally, some spirits may still be there, haunting it.

A few years ago, I visited a courthouse in a small town in Arkansas widely reputed to be haunted. I was told by the guide that people who attempted to spend the night in the courtroom were usually spooked (pun intended) by what they saw, sensed, and heard - and often flee from the building. In the courtroom myself, I could feel a sense of all the people who had been in there over the years and I could sense their anxiety as they waited for their cases to be heard. Whether that was a residue or there were presences still there, I failed to try to determine. In one of the stairwells, the guide asked if I could feel anything and I replied that I had the sense of someone's death, perhaps a rope. It turned out that someone had been lynched and hung there. The intensity of that fear and pain, I feel, was imprinted on the place, even though it didn't feel that the victim was truly haunting the spot intentionally.

That said, there can also be intentional haunting, by those who have died and haven't acclimated to where they are and haven't moved on. In this case, I would say that they haven't dropped their personalities from the lifetime and are clinging to aspects of that life and unresolved issues. It is this type of case in which people - ghost whisperers, if you will - will attempt to assist them by getting them to "go to the light" or helping them to resolve their unresolved issues. For all I know, in situations like these it's also possible that the person did indeed get into his/her higher soul awareness after transitioning and the haunting may be an imprinted residue due to the intensity of the situation or a projection from the higher soul awareness, due to something being unresolved. (It gets even more complicated!)

Here's yet another cause of an apparition: one presenter at the Mensa Gathering mentioned a Tibetan priest who had intentionally physically "resurrected" someone who had passed on - conjured him/her up physically. We could call this type of instance a ghost, but one has to wonder where its consciousness is - and this situation would be devoid of volition on the part of the ghost.

And now consider this instance: there was a fascinating and widely related account of two English women, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, both academics from Oxford, who went to Paris on holiday in 1901 and toured Versailles while there. Finding their surroundings strange and encountering oddly-dressed people (in old-fashioned clothes), the two women felt that things were not quite "right" and subsequently did some research after their return to England. They discovered that the Versailles they had visited was the Versailles of the 18th Century without the architectural details and changes that had been made since that time. One woman they had seen in Versailles they later realized was Marie Antoinette. They subsequently wrote an account of their experience in An Adventure. (A good account may be found at Basically these two women upon arriving in Paris had suddenly stepped into a former century.

How do we explain this type of apparition - more of a time warp than a haunting? It would appear to be the intersection of two time periods - two dimensions that inexplicably intersected, with one supplanting the other. In instances such as these, we have to wonder if the people populating these other time periods can see us and our present time period.

And now, consider this case: a friend of mine related to me an out-of-body experience he had in the sleep state. In this out-of-the-body experience, he traveled to the place where his grandfather had lived - as well as to the time period that his grandfather was alive there. During this experience, he met, talked with, and interacted with someone there. He told me that he knew during the experience that he had gone to this previous time period and even told the person he was speaking with that he didn't live there. He related to me the person's total shock as my friend dematerialized before his eyes as he was preparing to return to his body. So this represents yet another potential cause of apparitions: someone time-traveling during an out-of-body experience.

As you can see, there are neither consistent nor simplistic explanations for these phenomena. We may want simple explanations and we may want to understand the afterlife in our normal or our customary cultural terms, but this is not the case. My sense is that the afterlife has many surprises for us. Passed-on loved ones are not restricted to their former personalities. And hauntings, ghost, and apparitions are not necessarily caused by the same factor - or by people always trying to haunt. What this speaks to, I feel, is that our world truly reveals a greater deal of complexity than we may either realize or give it credit for. Wonderfully intricate world fully deserving of our respect and awe, isn't it?

This article was first published in the October/November 2007 issue of "Innerchange Magazine."
Diane Brandon is the Host of "Living Your Power" on the Health & Wellness Channel of and the new show, "Vibrant Living" debuting late May 2008 on, as well as an Intuition Expert & Teacher, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, and Speaker. She is the author of "Invisible Blueprints" and several articles on personal growth topics, as well as a contributing author to "Speaking Out" and "The Long Way Around: How 34 Women Found the Lives They Love." Her private work with individuals focuses on personal growth, working with dreams, and personal empowerment, and she has done corporate seminars on intuition, creativity, and listening skills. More information may be found on her websites, and She may be contacted at

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For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!

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