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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Main Reason People Are Affected by Entities or Earthbound Spirits

We are in a time of expansion both as a planetary shift and as a race of evolving human beings. The reason we see so much violence, social upheaval, and physical planetary changes right now is because Earth is expanding through the fourth dimension of “hell.” Since we are along for the ride, this expansion is affecting all living things on the planet.
Earth is surrounded by a dimension where negative human thought forms are collected and earth-bound souls reside. Earth-bound souls are human spirits who have died without enough consciousness to get themselves through the 4-D barrier and “go through the tunnel light” and enter the fifth dimension. Christians would describe the beautiful, peaceful, light-filled fifth dimension as “heaven.”

Because being immersed in a sea of negative thoughts is emotionally torturous and the soul cannot die, the fourth dimension could be considered the “hell” mentioned in the Bible. A person who is able to see into the fourth dimension would see the energy of the first three chakras, which are red, orange, and yellow. This dimension would look like fire.

Most souls stuck in the fourth dimension have an addiction to substances such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, power, money, or control of others. They desire to relieve their addiction by obtaining their substance of choice. Thus, they live vicariously through humans by attaching themselves to the body of a one who is practicing a similar addictive behavior or using substances in a harmful manner. These entities feed off of the energy or rage, anger, greed, fear, and inappropriately expressed sexual energy.

People who are most susceptible to being drained by earth-bound souls are those who are not in control of their emotions, and are operating empathically without any energetic boundaries or protection in place. When untrained, these highly-sensitive people (empaths) are like psychic sponges soaking up all the negativity within the fourth dimension. This is why so many people who are depressed and suffering from anxiety attacks can sense something bad about to happen even before it’s noticed in the physical dimension.

So what do we do about this? First of all, get help in overcoming any addictions you may have! In order to find peace, empaths must learn to clear and protect their auric fields and begin to connect with the Divine within themselves and in Mother Nature. I teach how to do this in two of my books. Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You teaches how to set boundaries with entities (see chapter 10). It’s the training manual for highly-sensitive who truly want to understand and begin to use their empathic gift for the good of all.

Once you understand and begin practicing the concepts in that book, you will find the next step toward spiritual evolution in Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. That book teaches how to shift your negative thoughts and raise your vibration so you are no longer bothered by souls in the fourth dimension. Then, you can begin to work with more evolved spirit beings who can help you discover your authentic self and develop your mission and purpose for being on Earth during such a time of transition.

Is there something we can do to help these souls (earthbound spirits) get free? I’m glad you asked! Yes, we can send divine energy to them to help them make their transition into the fifth dimension. If you are sensitive to earth-bound spirits or are a medium, you may have a special gift for helping the souls make their transition. However, anyone can provide energy to anyone, in body or not.

The best and most powerful kind of energy we can offer them is forgiveness. Due to their insatiable desire to acquire substances while in body, many of these souls perpetrated harm upon others. They may feel guilt, shame, or that they will be punished if they go into the tunnel of light. Our ego or small self would certainly agree that they do deserve punishment, but our Divine self would say, “Grace and peace be unto you!” or “There is no condemnation in the Christ Consciousness!”

Here’s a simple ritual to use for assisting lost souls:

Light a candle and call in the helpers who walk with you in spirit: angels, archangels, ascended masters, celestial light beings, etc. Ask them to assist with this energy work. Using your imagination, create a ball of light in front of you. Send love, forgiveness, grace, peace, harmony, and other positive energy into that ball of light. Offer this light to your beloved spiritual helpers and ask them to distribute it to those in the fourth dimension who are asking for help. Ask your guides to create the tunnel of light and show it to the “deceased” and let them know it is safe to enter paradise.

Yes, this is very much like the Catholic faith practice of praying loved ones out of purgatory. There is truth and beauty in every religion!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Journey Home - What Near-Death Experiences and Mysticism Teach Us About the Gift of Life

By Richard Stooker

Although the connection is obscured by the drama of the circumstances under which they occur, according to the author near death experiences are another form of mystic episodes.

People throughout history have had times when they spontaneously -- or deliberately sought, though religious practices -- felt a deep connection with the Universe, Life, God, Love... however you may term it. It's often called cosmic consciousness.

People describe it in different times, but it's evidently a time of extremely heightened awareness of the ordinary world as some form of illusion. Or at least that the ways we view and experience space/time is an illusion, and that beyond it is a fundamental reality given various terms.

Of course, the main difference between these types of experiences, which can occur at any time, and NDEs is that the latter are much more dramatic and have elements that can be verified.

If a friend tells you they had a profound experience of God while mowing their lawn, you may or may not be impressed.

However, if that same friend suffers a heart attack, goes into a flat line coma but later recovers talking about the Light, you're going to be more impressed. That's especially true if they can accurately describe what happened in the hospital operating room while they were technically dead. Especially if the ER doctors and nurses confirm it.

When people have no heart beat, their brain is receiving practically zero oxygen. When their EEGs are flat, their brains have no measurable activity.

This is not a state of sleep or dreaming -- which is totally normal and natural -- it's a state where our brains are not even functioning. They certainly should not be able to think in the slightest, let alone go through profound experiences of journeying through a tunnel, meeting dead loved ones and so on.

Berman however examines both states by interviewing people he's met through the years. He lets the people tell their fascinating stories in their own words, and how their experiences changed them.

He makes the case that going through these kinds of peak experiences is psychologically healthy, based on how people have changed afterward.

He makes the final point that life after death does remain unproven, but that death is a wake up call to live our lives better.

I agree, but find it hollow in the face of tragic grief.

And at some point, even if we live our lives very well, we'll be faced with the loss of a loved one or, at least, our own death. Then we'll want to know the reality.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Are You Being Visited by a Ghost, a Loved One From the Other Side Or an Angel? - 5 Ways to Know

By Melissa Van Rossum

Everyone receives visits from ghosts, loved ones from the Other Side and angels. Even though many of these visits are meant to be comforting, sometimes the presence of an otherworldly visitor can be unnerving and even frightening. Knowing who these guests are, however, and why they're visiting you can make their visit easier and often, even comforting.

Here are three ways you can tell these visits from one another:

1.Ghostly Visits - Visits from a ghost, or the earthbound spirit of a deceased individual, usually bears several tell-tale signs. First, their presence is typically not comforting. When you're around a ghost you feel watched - even if you're alone in the room. You might even begin to feel unexplained nervousness, sadness or depression. You may feel sudden cold spots in the room or, in some cases, you might even see a ghostly human image - if only for a moment. Some people have seen a kind of blur or a flash of movement when no one else is in the room.

2.Visits from Loved Ones from the Other Side - A visit from a loved one who is on the Other Side is a very different experience from a ghostly visit. While you can also feel a cold spot or a temperature shift when a loved one is around, you typically don't feel nervous or uncomfortable when it happens. Along with the slight temperature shift, you may begin to reflect on memories of that loved one. Our loved ones often bring messages of encouragement when we need it, so you're more likely to feel loved and comforted when they're around. When a deceased loved one is around, we often start thinking of them and feeling their presence and reflecting on our memories of them as a result. For example, Tony, a hairstylist, feels his grandmother nearby whenever he is thinking his way through some of his life's challenges. He smells her perfume, remembers her advice, and begins to feel the comfort she offers him. Visits from loved ones are a very positive, healing experience.

3. Angelic Visits - Angelic visits feel a bit different from when our loved ones visit. There is definitely a shift to a cooler temperature and often a slight breeze. You might even see sparkles of light where they move. Sometimes, because their energy is so pure and their vibration is so high, you can even feel a bit dizzy. Angels are available whenever we need them - they help us ease through conflicts and protect and comfort us through frightening times, though they most often respond to our calls and requests for their help. Angels are present with newborns and small children to comfort and protect and to pass on messages to their parents and caretakers. After my son was born, an angel appeared to me and gave me a message about his life purpose. While she was with us, the air around us felt as though we were on the top of a mountain. Unlike ghosts, an angel's presence always has a purpose. They often bear a message or ensure protection and because of this you usually feel comforted, assured, loved and happy.

Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic, empath and author. It is her life's work to help people awaken to their dreams by showing them how to tap into their own Divine Guidance. In her first book, All You've Ever Known, Melissa reveals a process to deepen your intuition called TruAwareness. Her latest book, Their Way Home shares for the first time the very personal stories of her encounters with real life ghosts who searched her out in their quest to find their way home. Plenty of books have been written about ghost sightings but in this book Melissa shares the stories behind why these souls chose to linger on the earth plane and how you can live a happier life by learning from the mistakes they made in life, and in death. Sign up for Melissa's free newsletter and learn more about her books by visiting

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Suicide - A Disillusioned Expression of Freedom

By Anna Bartoszewicz

We all have moments of feeling low and desperate, surrounded by darkness with no way out. For most of us it is just a passing emotion or stage in life that once is passed, makes us stronger, but unfortunately for some it's the ultimate solution. Sometimes suicide is just an unfortunate moment of desperation, when there was no-one around to help and stop it. Sometimes it is a planned action, with careful preparation. Whatever the scenario is, it leaves those around, with the question WHY?

Families and closed ones often struggle afterwards with the question how they could prevent it. Quite often sadly even the symptoms are missed and totally unnoticed.

Rather complex issue is the assisted suicide. It's hard to judge how we would act being in endless pain, or seeing our loved ones in unbearable suffering. Suicide definitely touches both: physical and mental aspects of human life.

The Oxford Dictionary definition of 'suicide' is 'the action of killing oneself intentionally'. So it's not the accident. It is planned. It is wanted. That once again brings the question 'Why'.

There is increasing popularity of suicidal forums and blogs where people are looking for companions to kill themselves. It is a shocking discovery to find that the Google keywords relating to the word 'suicide' show that the terms like 'suicidal', 'suicides', 'why suicide', 'how to suicide',' suicide methods', 'commit suicide' 'suicidal thoughts' bring a multimillion, or at least thousands of worldwide searches every month, while the keywords like 'suicide help', 'suicide solution', 'suicide project' bring only below 1000 or a hundred...

From the religious point of view, taking your own life away is conflicting with the God's plan and power. He is a giver of life and he should decide when someone's life ends. Even when taking the religious aspect away, it is still hard to deny that our life belongs to us, but it was not our decision to create it. So many parents left in pain, asking why their children decided to take their own life away, having so many brilliant opportunities ahead of them. On the other hand there are children left with no parents. What is' the phenomenon' of the suicide...Is it an act of cowardliness or a total desperation when the life seems just too much. What could be the solution? Maybe media should focus more on suicides prevention, instead of getting overexcited when it happens and splashing the stories on the front pages. Maybe Education system should come up with some programmes and strategies teaching what to do when you feel suicidal. Every life saved, is so worth it.

According to Sartre, suicide was the highest exhibition of human freedom. We are so free and powerful that we can take our own life away. At his time, some people representing Bohemia used to party and then kill themselves to show their ultimate freedom. Was it really a freedom? And what for to express it like that? Are there any other ways? - Of course there are- More positive ones, without leaving others in pain.

It is not a pathetic statement that every one of us has someone who cares, who if they knew, would go extra mile to stop this definite and irreversible act. That includes those on the other side of the suicide helpline phones who sacrifice their own time and do not take any money. Some of them are:

USA - Tel. 0808 802 5858, 1-800-784-2433

UK- Tel. 08457 90 90 90, 0800 068 4141

Australia - Tel. 13 11 14, 1800 18 SANE (7263), 1300 78 99 78

Whoever feels suicidal should at least give it a chance, and give the chance themselves. That would be an ultimate freedom and love to one selves, if we would give us a chance before doing something that we can't even regret, as we might not to be there to do that. Truly pointless...Hope never dies. - website dedicated to find the solutions of attracting what's best in life.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Purchase paperback on It's also on Amazon as an e-book for those who have Kindle or Sony Readers. The audio book is now available!
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