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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tattoos, Death and Using Body Art As A Memorial

Once a rite of passage for drunken sailors and outlaws, in the most recent generation of adults, tattoos have become a growing trend and social statement. Some people do it because they perceive it as being cool; some find it sexy; some find it a conversation piece; some find it an act of rebellion, some find it attractive and more recently it has become a way to honor and memorialize someone who is missed and loved.

This growing use of memorial tattoos is making something of a comeback. Historically, these have been amongst the most popular images of body art. People have always needed a way to grieve, honor and remember lost loved ones and tattoos have provided a very personalized way to memorialize someone. To those who have gotten a memorial tattoo on their body it has provided a deep meaning and ever present connection with the deceased.

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