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Monday, January 25, 2010

An Extraordinary Angelic Visitation

I began writing The Sid Series as I spent time with my grandson when he was very small. It was mainly for me to remember some of the cute things he said, but he was also manifesting a strong spiritual intellect. I soon found myself learning some profound spiritual lessons from this little boy who called himself an “old soul.”

I wanted to do everything I could to help Sid develop his spiritual gifts, which were similar to the mystical gifts that I had been endowed with. Unfortunately, my gifts had been unappreciated by religious communities with which I had been involved. One of those gifts is the ability to see, hear, smell, and sense when there is an angel or spirit visitor in the room with me. Sid also showed this gift. The Sid Series gives examples of how these gifted youngsters experience the supernatural in their everyday lives.

This week, I found an article about an extraordinary angelic visitation and I’d like to share it with you.(By the way, it is indeed possible for an angel to incarnate into a human body. There are references of this in the Bible and I've read other information supporting this occurrence.~ Yvonne)

I believe that our beloved creator, Great Spirit/All That Is/God has many messengers and some of them are angels. We've all read or heard stories of angelic visitations and been inspired by them. Have you ever wondered if angels can and do make contact with people in the modern era of the 21st century? Have you had any personal angelic experiences or known anybody who has? My first introduction to angels was from my grandmother, Mamaw, we called her. When we'd spend the night she would always tuck us in bed and sing that song "All night. All day. Angels watching over me, my Lord."

Her eyes had such a twinkling glow in them that sometimes I wondered if she might even be an earth angel, if such were possible. She did not have a mean bone or streak about her whatsoever. She had a fine sense of humor and she never gossiped. She always managed to find the positive side of whatever experiences life tossed her way. Mamaw was a great believer and lover of angels. She had angel pictures and paraphernalia all over her house and every time I visited I would do my little tour and greet each angel.

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