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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Near-death and Walk-in/Soul Exchange Experience Opens Psychic Abilities

After having two near-death experiences, Yvonne Perry, found that her ability to see, hear, and sense the spirit world became more sensitive. Battling unseen forces and trying to understand why the deceased were coming to her, she took up a personal mission to research and explore this psychic gift that she and her grandmother (who also had a near-death experience) share.

In 1999, Yvonne’s life took another dramatic shift and brought the spirit world even closer when she experienced a walk-in or soul exchange in which the soul that was inhabiting her body left for the afterlife and a new soul took up residence. Her religion could not explain it, her church friends abandoned her, and the world (even her family members) seemed unfamiliar as the adjustment took place. She shares openly about this common, but little-understood phenomenon in the book she wrote about death, dying, afterlife, and spirit communication.
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