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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Spirit of My Husband's Father Visited Us

I suppose this is an amendment or clarification to yesterday's post on The Sid Series blog in which I spoke about my grandson hearing a spirit in my house when he stayed with us last weekend.

Even though my husband's father just passed last week, it didn't dawn on me that Jack might be visiting us. That is until I came home from picking up dinner and walk into the garage and saw the ghost of a man. The apparition only lasted a split second and faded.

My husband opened the door to let me in and immediately asked, "What's wrong?"

"I just saw a ghost. That's all."

"Sidney told you we had a spirit in the house."

"Yes, but who is it?" I asked. "Oh, wait a big 'duh' minute. I felt this strange energy when Sid was here; I felt it the moment you called to tell me Jack had died. I felt it that evening when you came home from work, and I feel it now. It has to be your dad."

"Makes sense. Maybe we should light a candle for him."

Usually, spirits come to me because they want me to help them cross over or give a message to their loved one. So we lit a candle and asked Jack what he needed us to do for him. Within just a few seconds my husband and I both felt an energy surge.

"Looking for Virginia." I repeated what I was hearing in my mind. Virginia was my husband's mother's name. She passed before Randy and I met one another. "Is your dad looking for your mom?"

"No. I sense that my mom has reincarnated . . .  She is embodied as one of my grandkids."

The energy level around us surged again. I tried on a few of the grandkids. Elise's kids? No. Ryah's baby? No. Keilie? A little stronger feeling.

"Definitely one of Jackson's kids," I confirmed. I thought of Mac and got a little stronger resonance with that guess. Kind of like the game cold, warm, warmer, warmer, . . . HOT!

"Lochlan," Randy said.  We both had a huge energy rush--an indication that we were correct.

So, it turns out that we didn't need to do anything for Jack. He had a message for us. We thanked Jack and spent a few more minutes with him. The energy let up and I dismissed the session.

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