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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Second Chance to Go into the Light

by Caron Goode

We all tend to by fascinated by what the afterlife holds. Do they cross over into the light? Do they go to a place called heaven or hell? Do they stay earthbound?

No one knows for sure what happens to people after they die, but some of the best answers to these questions comes from mediums who interact with ghosts. I have had some direct experiences that have given me first-hand information, and I have tapped into the other side many times in my intuitive work with clients over the years. Some are children, who give information that sheds light on this topic.

When we first leave the body, we retain the persona of that lifetime but eventually we cross over and get into our higher soul awareness that incorporates all the persona's we've had from all lifetimes.

From what I’ve read in When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski, the tunnel of light is opened at the moment of death and this window of opportunity remains open for a short while in which a soul can make a choice to go into the light or stay in the earth plane. Some people cross over almost immediately upon transitioning, probably because they were more spirituality evolved and had all their loose ends tied up. Others take too much time deciding and miss their chance and thus become earth bound.

Mary Ann is the consultant for the creators of the CBS show, The Ghost Whisperer, in which Jennifer Love Hewitt stars. Mary Ann has seen and communicated with earthbound souls since she was four years old and is known for being able to create the light and give earthbound souls a second chance to cross over. In her book, she gives several reason why souls do not cross over immediately:

• They are attached to things such as jewelry, cars, houses, furniture, or places where they lived, found comfort, or died

• They fear judgment or punishment on the other side

• They are seeking revenge or pursuing justice

• They want to protect the living

• They are busybodies who don’t want to leave

We have free will while in body on Earth, and we still have free will in the afterlife. So it’s really up to us to choose whether to cross over or stay earthbound. For souls who missed their first window of opportunity, Mary Ann says they can find a second chance at a funeral home, graveside service, or morgue where lies a body that has recently died. The passage of light that is there for that soul can be shared by other souls. This is good information to have if you are one who is visited by ghosts seeking help with crossing over.

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