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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NDE Series - Discussing Spiritual Ramifications

By Steven Morse
Lately there has been a resurgence of interest in Near Death Experiences. To me this is nothing new, but the revived interest has rekindled all the old debating points. I'm asked frequently what I think about the phenomena so I thought I'd start a series to bring topics to light. As always, feel free to disagree. Personally I enjoy debate and if we all shared exactly the same opinions on a topic that cannot be absolutely proven, frankly, that would be down right annoying. Let's then put on our thinking caps and open our minds to see where this topic leads us.

Near Death Experiences (NDE) is the concept of people leaving their bodies to enter the spiritual realm after clinical death but who are subsequently revived. This is a hotly debated topic. Generally speaking, there are two sides to this argument: scientific (doctors, atheists, agnostic) and spiritualist (those believing in a spiritual afterlife).

The scientific community denies the possibility by usually stating that any experiences obtained after clinical death are mere physiological attributes gained from the dying processes of the brain. Simplified this means, the brain is "fizzling" out causing hallucinations and such. Since their stance is that there is no afterlife, there simply cannot be any true experience. To them, death is the final exit into oblivion where matter is relegated to entropic effects. Remember the laws of thermodynamics? Like a candle being blown out, there is nothing left. Absolutely nothing. We are mere animals who have come to the end.

The spiritualist community, however, sees death as a continuation of life by stepping into our true selves. They believe that we all started as spiritual beings and are transitioning back to that state. Now there are many subtopics to be examined here, but the main point is that we are more than just our physical makeup. Our spiritual being is eternal and this physical life is just a stopping point to achieve higher learning and growth.

Yes, these preceding paragraphs are simplified, but they do get to the heart of the matter. I think this is the proper place to begin the NDE series. Understand that my interest in writing this article is not to persuade anyone to a certain belief, but rather, to bring it to light so that understanding and honest consideration are given. The reason is that our spirituality must take center stage.

Why? If science is correct, what harm is there in examining the subject since nothing can come of it? However, if the spiritualists are correct, then we are undertaking a subject of great and eternal consequences. As you can tell, I subscribe to the spiritualist side. I know what I think. But, what about you? I urge you to read the following blogs and invite you to devote some personal attention to them.

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