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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dying: Surrounded by the Angels

By Suzy Morgan

My client, Anna, asked about her mom who was in a coma after surgery right before her death. Anna was unable to get to her mom's bedside in time and she died without her there to comfort her. Understandably distraught, Anna wanted to know if her mom had support from her angels and guides and also if she understood that her daughter was with her in love.

The higher consciousness of the angelic realm shares that Anna's mom was able to feel her daughter's love for her as well as her anxiety at not being with her at her time of parting. Once mom accepted that this was in fact her death she was experiencing, she allowed herself to feel her daughter's love. Her resistance left as her angels took over and surrounded her in the comfortable blanket of Unconditional Love.

This guidance and protection is available to us always. However, many of us are unable to allow ourselves to be soothed, just like many of us are unable to avail ourselves of opportunities which could create positive change in our lives. We have been trained not to see beyond the physical, although there is a much larger non-physical world.

Anna's mom, like many of us, was afraid of the Void, the space of the nothingness of all creation. For this reason her friends and families from other lifetimes beckoned her into the Light immediately. Her interpretation is she is in heaven. She is safe. Protected. Permeated with Light. She is able to recover whatever parts of her personality she might have left behind due to her body's deterioration. Of course this is not about the physical aspects but rather the spiritual part that seems to come second in our culture.
The dying do not need to be open spiritually to receive. However, if they are unaware, they may very well miss the signposts. They will "land" comfortably but not on what I like to call, "oceanfront property." If your loved one is in this position, you can beckon them into the light by opening your heart and guiding them yourself toward higher ground, the home of The Light. All it requires of you is a strong intention backed by your love to check in and help if needed. It's always a good idea to ask permission of their High Self first, otherwise it may be considered meddling or worse yet, you may be interfering with the deceased' path.

There is no one in misery in the dead-life unless they create it themselves. They receive what they expect and continue to create their own life as we do here. The difference in the dead-life is that we live in a world of acceptance and love. Here we live in a life of continual delineation of big from little, male from female, young from old. There is no judgment in the dead-life unless we choose to judge ourselves.

Funny characters that we are, many of us continue to do just that. If we passed on thinking we had gotten away with "murder" and we might have, we will value our skills of stealth and negative power. We will still have the opportunity to live in a loving environment. It's our choice. Some of us choose to reincarnate too rapidly before we understand the give and take of unconditional love; or we're on the opposite side and think we've assimilated all this love and won't forget what it feels like.

The challenge arises in the world of separation where we live today. It is the world man creates mentally. We come back into life on earth to experience what we think we know, loving acceptance. However, once we are birthed, we are back into the life of contrast in the physical. We forget it is possible to live life without judgment, without hate and anger. We forget that we are each part of the whole of Perfection.

It is only in our acceptance of ourselves and each other that change occurs for the better and we learn to live life on earth in a state of joy and loving gratitude.

Suzy Morgan, B.A., H.H.P, is a Spiritual Intuitive, a Psychic Medium, a Psychic Energy Healer, and a Channel for the Angels offering Angel Readings.

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