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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Main Reason People Are Affected by Entities or Earthbound Spirits

We are in a time of expansion both as a planetary shift and as a race of evolving human beings. The reason we see so much violence, social upheaval, and physical planetary changes right now is because Earth is expanding through the fourth dimension of “hell.” Since we are along for the ride, this expansion is affecting all living things on the planet.
Earth is surrounded by a dimension where negative human thought forms are collected and earth-bound souls reside. Earth-bound souls are human spirits who have died without enough consciousness to get themselves through the 4-D barrier and “go through the tunnel light” and enter the fifth dimension. Christians would describe the beautiful, peaceful, light-filled fifth dimension as “heaven.”

Because being immersed in a sea of negative thoughts is emotionally torturous and the soul cannot die, the fourth dimension could be considered the “hell” mentioned in the Bible. A person who is able to see into the fourth dimension would see the energy of the first three chakras, which are red, orange, and yellow. This dimension would look like fire.

Most souls stuck in the fourth dimension have an addiction to substances such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, power, money, or control of others. They desire to relieve their addiction by obtaining their substance of choice. Thus, they live vicariously through humans by attaching themselves to the body of a one who is practicing a similar addictive behavior or using substances in a harmful manner. These entities feed off of the energy or rage, anger, greed, fear, and inappropriately expressed sexual energy.

People who are most susceptible to being drained by earth-bound souls are those who are not in control of their emotions, and are operating empathically without any energetic boundaries or protection in place. When untrained, these highly-sensitive people (empaths) are like psychic sponges soaking up all the negativity within the fourth dimension. This is why so many people who are depressed and suffering from anxiety attacks can sense something bad about to happen even before it’s noticed in the physical dimension.

So what do we do about this? First of all, get help in overcoming any addictions you may have! In order to find peace, empaths must learn to clear and protect their auric fields and begin to connect with the Divine within themselves and in Mother Nature. I teach how to do this in two of my books. Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You teaches how to set boundaries with entities (see chapter 10). It’s the training manual for highly-sensitive who truly want to understand and begin to use their empathic gift for the good of all.

Once you understand and begin practicing the concepts in that book, you will find the next step toward spiritual evolution in Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. That book teaches how to shift your negative thoughts and raise your vibration so you are no longer bothered by souls in the fourth dimension. Then, you can begin to work with more evolved spirit beings who can help you discover your authentic self and develop your mission and purpose for being on Earth during such a time of transition.

Is there something we can do to help these souls (earthbound spirits) get free? I’m glad you asked! Yes, we can send divine energy to them to help them make their transition into the fifth dimension. If you are sensitive to earth-bound spirits or are a medium, you may have a special gift for helping the souls make their transition. However, anyone can provide energy to anyone, in body or not.

The best and most powerful kind of energy we can offer them is forgiveness. Due to their insatiable desire to acquire substances while in body, many of these souls perpetrated harm upon others. They may feel guilt, shame, or that they will be punished if they go into the tunnel of light. Our ego or small self would certainly agree that they do deserve punishment, but our Divine self would say, “Grace and peace be unto you!” or “There is no condemnation in the Christ Consciousness!”

Here’s a simple ritual to use for assisting lost souls:

Light a candle and call in the helpers who walk with you in spirit: angels, archangels, ascended masters, celestial light beings, etc. Ask them to assist with this energy work. Using your imagination, create a ball of light in front of you. Send love, forgiveness, grace, peace, harmony, and other positive energy into that ball of light. Offer this light to your beloved spiritual helpers and ask them to distribute it to those in the fourth dimension who are asking for help. Ask your guides to create the tunnel of light and show it to the “deceased” and let them know it is safe to enter paradise.

Yes, this is very much like the Catholic faith practice of praying loved ones out of purgatory. There is truth and beauty in every religion!

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