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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ghosts, Spirits and Hauntings

By L. Meyer
We're all fascinated with ghosts. There are so many television programs that center around ghost hunting such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted and Ghost Lab.

Shows about paranormal research, haunted houses and ghosts caught on tape are becoming more and more popular. True ghost stories have gained the attention of millions of viewers.

Ghosts and hauntings have become a focus of entertainment, mainly because we want to know more about what ghosts are and why they're here.

There is a difference between ghosts and spirits, and is explained as follows:


Spirits are the energies of deceased loved ones and friends who have died and gone into the Light. However, they do have the ability to visit us, and they do very often. They can come and go as they please between our world and the Other Side.

Spirits are not bound by space and time like humans are. They are pure energy and move about effortlessly. Spirits love to let us know they're with us and that they aren't far away at all.


Ghosts are the energies of people who, for their own reasons, are earthbound. Basically, ghosts are:

1. People who have died suddenly and don't know they're dead
2. People who are attached to loved ones or places and don't want to leave them

Hauntings occur when a ghost feels threatened by our presence, or feels we're invading the space they once occupied, or is angry because their lives ended too soon.

If you feel your home is haunted by a ghost, you can try to get rid of them by firmly asking them to leave, and explain that they're no longer alive and must go to the light. You can also ask spirit to escort them to the light.

While ghosts may haunt houses and will do so for many years, spirit will come to get them eventually. Until then, we need to have more compassion and understanding for them, and look at their existence from their point of view.

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Lori Meyer has been studying the metaphysical for over a decade. She has studied under many powerful and celebrated spiritual teachers including medium-clairvoyant Lisa Williams, Charles Virtue, William Lee Rand and Sandy Anastasi.

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