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Monday, March 18, 2013

Are You Aware That You Have Spirit Guides?

By Jayzn Johns

Everybody is born with a degree of psychic ability. For many people it is lost as they grow up and don't pay attention to it. For others, it stays and they listen to it and they become what we all call psychic.

Everyone has spirit guides, the difference is that some people are aware of them whereas the majority are not.

Your spirit guides are there to observe, to teach, to heal and to help you on your own spiritual journey. Part of their spiritual journey is to be your guide. Guides come and go through your life as you need different types of help. Often you can have more than one guide for different aspects of your life.

Knowing your spirit guide is a very useful ability because they you can communicate with him or her and can the advantage of an additional point of view.

Imagine you are looking along a road. There's a bend in the road ahead of you. From your vantage point you can see only so far around the bend. Your spirit guide is further along the road than you and can see further around the bend than you can.

When you learn to communicate with your guides you will have access to a higher knowledge that will help you in your life. You will find your intuition and instincts are better because you have this higher knowledge.

You will also find a sense of peace from this knowing. Knowing your guides are there and their purpose will help you to realise your part in the divine order of things. No longer do you think you are a single entity lost in the vastness in space. Instead you become aware of the interconnectedness of things and how you are a part of a bigger whole, a grander plan if you like.

There are many different ways for you to contact your guides. Anyone can talk to them, regardless of background or psychic ability. You just have to learn to establish a communication channel with them. For some this is verbal communication, for others they hear things, for others they have feelings and for some this communication manifests in stranger forms like songs or music.
Whichever form of communication you have with your guides, it is the right one for you.

The best form of accessing the wisdom of your guides is through a guided meditation. Using a meditation CD will help you immensely in communicating with your guides. How long it takes for you to establish that communication will vary from person to person but typically you'll see results within just a few goes with the CD.

These CD's work by relaxing your conscious mind so that your sub-conscious mind becomes more clear. Through this relaxation, you cut out that nagging voice that questions and doubts everything, making it easier for your guides to be heard.

Think of it as you are in a noisy room and your guide is whispering to you. If you cut out the background noise (your conscious mind) then you can hear the whisper of your guide. As you talk to your guide more so you will find the communication becomes easier until you can do it at will in any place at any time.

Communicating with your spirit guide can provide you with a sense of peace and tranquility knowing that there is a divine scheme of things and that there is more to the world than you may have thought. A meditation CD is perhaps the best way for you establish this communication and create a relationship with your guide.
Learn how to contact your spirit guide with this highly effective meditation CD. Listen to this CD and be guided in to a state of deep relaxation where you can contact your spirit guide and learn to speak to them whenever you want. Anyone can learn to speak to their spirit guides through a program such as this.
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