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Monday, April 15, 2013

Can Mediums Talk to the Dead? The Astonishing Truth About After Death Communication (No Joke!)

By Danny Fredricks

Do mediums really talk to the dead, or are they simply making it all up? Is after death communication a possibility at all...or simply wishful thinking by those of us who'd like to believe that life continues on after our physical bodies end?

In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at mediums who purport to talk to the dead...and see if we can't shine a bright and illuminating light on this amazing phenomena! Curious to know more? Great...continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Is there any real PROOF that mediums talk to the dead...or is it all just wishful thinking?

The truth? There is an ABUNDANCE of proof that after life communication is not only possible...that there are MANY gifted mediums who can facilitate this with some degree of ease. Even MORESO than mediums alone, though...there is actually an abundance of evidence that supports the idea that AVERAGE people, with NO psychic skill, can make contact with loved ones who have passed on...without doing anything exceptional whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, near death experiences, out of body experiences, crisis apparitions, (when the spirit of someone JUST deceased appears, impossibly... to another person many miles away) death bed visions, after death communications (called ADC's), past life memories, and of course.....the impressive history of many gifted mediums throughout history, ALL point to the obvious truth that our spiritual selves, or some "part" of our essence, actually leaves the body and survives physical death. When you actually look at the totality of the's actually FAR more reasonable to believe that we have a spiritual self that continues on after death...and CAN communicate with those left behind, than it is to believe that EVERY experience above over the course of human history has been a mistake, a lie, or a hallucination.

What do Mediums actually do?

It depends on the medium. For example, famous psychic medium John Edward likens it to having a conversation with someone at the bottom of a pool...or behind a heavy glass door. You can make our much of the sounds, and see shapes and figures, but it's often difficult to understand EXACTLY what is being said, or make out very distinctive physical characteristics. In other cases...the energies come through very clearly, without any trouble, and communicate is a very concise and easy to interpret fashion...and many of these cases are the STRONGEST evidence that life continues on that we have.

Are all mediums created equal?

Absolutely not! Some mediums are very "tuned in", and others really have to struggle to be
accurate or pick up information. I've been fortunate enough to have MANY outstanding readings in my day...and the truth is, there is NOTHING more reassuring that life continues on after death than having a real reading with a genuine medium who simply gets stuff "right"!

Nothing can replace personal I started out many years ago as a skeptic as well. But when you are offered real evidence that your loved ones are still close by...and you get authentic PROOF that this is true, it totally revolutionizes what you believe is possible, and your perspective on life, death and everything in between to boot!
The bottom line?

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