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Monday, July 8, 2013

Communicating With Deceased Relatives - How Can I Talk to My Family on the Other Side?

By Tina Bardo

Is communicating with the spirits of your loved ones after they have passed away unusual?
Is it unhealthy? Is it strange, weird or something to be embarrassed of, or is it a normal and perfectly healthy way of healing or helping with grief?

Is seeking out a psychic or a medium or someone who talks to the dead an odd obsession, or can it play an instrumental part of the puzzle when it comes to moving on?

The truth is, for those of us who write about the amazing healing benefits that having a credible communication with your loved ones can bring, traditional therapists and psychologists are now coming to the very same conclusions.

Why? Because the fact is, no matter WHAT you believe... it's impossible to ignore the fact that so many folks feel incredibly healed by having an experience they believe is a genuine and authentic communication with someone they've loved and lost. (most commonly a spouse, child or parent who has passed on, sometimes suddenly and without the opportunity to say a proper goodbye)
Even if you believe that spirit communication is silly, it's impossible to argue with the fact that many people who experience it, first hand report all sorts of amazing and life changing benefits that YEARS of therapy, or time... can do to lessen the feeling of loss after a loved one passes away.

Are psychic mediums the ONLY way to communicate with deceased friends and family members on the other side?

Absolutely NOT. And while mediums are often thought of as the only way to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on, the truth is, there are many other ways as well... many of which happen completely spontaneously, and without any other input at all.

As a matter of fact, about HALF of all people will report some sort of afterlife experience with a family member or close friend, without any help from a psychic or medium or any sort of spiritual technique at all. (spontaneous, unplanned spiritual visitation experiences are very common, highly under-reported, and often life changing as well)

In addition...

There are tons of tools, and techniques that can help facilitate spirit communication, and they run the gamut from EMDR (rapid eye movement therapy) to mirror gazing, EVP, using a Ouija style tool or of course, seeking out the advice of a credible psychic or medium if the above sounds too weird for you, especially if you are curious but NOT yet convinced.

The key is - believe in SOMETHING. And be willing to explore the extraordinary.

It WILL change your life. (and what you come to KNOW happens AFTER your life, and the lives of all you love as well!)


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