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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Psychic Smells of the Spirit

Our souls have signature frequencies that can be identified in many psychic ways. Colors in the aura, audible tones emitted, appearing in various shapes and forms, geometric figures, mathematical formulas, and languages are among some of the various ways we can recognize a person in the spirit realm. We can even project smells into the olfactory sense of another person to help them recognize us. Read more about psychic smells.

My grandmother (we call her Nanny) is 99 years old. She is in poor health, practically blind and deaf in addition to living with dementia. She is well cared for thanks to my mother and her twin sister and other family members who assist. Nanny has dipped Bruton snuff since she was 14 years old. Until recently . .  as her health declines she asks for it less and less. She is ready to die. Everyday, she begs Jesus to come for her.

Nanny had an NDE in 1952 in which she communicated with angels that took the form of white doves. She heard a choir singing and saw they were wearing white robes. She wanted to know if she was going to get a robe and get to sing in that choir. The answer was "not yet." The angel doves sent Nanny back to her body to finish raising her children who were sill young at the time. She has been waiting for her robe ever since then.

I walked in the kitchen one day last week and felt a spirit presence. I asked who it was and I started smelling Dial soap, Palmolive dish liquid and snuff. I went to unload the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer. Suddenly I had an an image in my mind of me and Nanny hanging clothes on the clothesline at the Oak Road house where we lived next door to one another for ten years. She used Dial soap and Palmolive dish liquid for as long as she was able to bathe herself and keep house. I chuckled at the memory of how those rough towels were so stiff they would practically stand up on their own after they dried on the line.

I thought I was just imagining the combination of smells, but this was so unique to my grandmother, I knew her spirit was trying to communicate with me. Her body is still alive (barely) and her spirit is traveling just like her son did, and her daughter. My uncle came to me less than a week before he passed in 2001 to let me know what songs he wanted at his funeral. (Being a church pianist for 25 years, it is my honor to play for the memorials of my family members.) He lets me know he is around by bringing the smell of cigarettes. He smoked for as long as I can remember. My uncle has been around this past week as well.  My aunt told me in person before she died that she would let me know she was trying to communicate with me by giving the image of a cameo or silhouette. I've seen that appear in physical form a few times and received messages from her since her passing in 2009.

I walked out on the porch and the smells of my Nanny followed me. I asked her what I could do for her. She reminded me that she wants me to play piano and sing at her funeral. I reaffirmed that I would. I asked her if the angel doves had her robe ready. She said it's almost time. She does not want us not to cry for her too much. I promised her that our tears would be tears of gratitude for who she is and how she has blessed us all so much.

I count it a privilege to be able to communicate in the spirit with my loved one. I don't call myself a medium nor do I seek information from the deceased. It was never my intention to become a shaman. I was raised Christian but my supernatural experiences did not find support in that arena. Departing souls just seem to find me when they need my services to cross over.

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