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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life After Death and Near Death Experiences - Are These People For Real Or Are They Crazy?

There may be a fine line between mystical experience and hallucinations. On the one hand, our imaginations are boundless and our connection with other realms is limitless. I suppose one way to tell whether the experience is indicative of a mental disorder or if it is truly an experience of
God would be to evaluate it's fruit or outcome. If someone says that they had a mystical experience in which God told them to kill another person, we'd call them crazy in our society.

Then again, Muhammad killed people when implementing his revelation from God, and we honor him as a saint. Maybe that's not a good way to tell since right and wrong differs from one country or culture to another. People have looked at me like I was crazy when I've told them about my own mystical experiences. From that, I gather that reality to one person is not reality to another. Therefore, I'm not sure we can appraise or nullify a person's spiritual experience.

What about dreams? Are they mystical experiences? Some of mine have been crazy for sure, but I also know I've heard from another realm in a few of them. Then there is the book of Revelation in the Bible that is based entirely on dreams and visions received by a prophet.

Western Christianity bases much of its belief about the end times upon a dream dream someone had almost 2000 years ago. The dream has caused denominations to formulate doctrine about a rapture of saints, a physical return of Jesus Christ, (although they do not agree about when) and the end of the world as we know it.

Since there are such diverse beliefs and theories about death and the life thereafter, my personal belief comes from accounts I've read about regarding those who have had near death experiences (NDE) and from what I have personally experienced

No matter what the person's religion, those who have had an NDE consistently share some commonalities:

· They did not know they were dead

· They could see what was going on here

· They saw a tunnel of light

· They saw angels, Jesus or other saints

· They had a choice of whether or not to return to the body

· They passed through a review of their lives, saw areas that needed work, and were inspired by the "judgment" rather than frightened or condemned by it

· They had no fear of death after the experience

From what I have personally experienced:

My grandmother has shared with me many times that she died during her hysterectomy when she was in her 30's. She went to a beautiful place of peace but was told she had to return to earth. She also tells me of having conversations in dreams with her husband (my grandfather) after his death. Since I too had spoken with him, I didn't think it strange. After his death he came to me in a dream with advice that I followed. As a result my daughter and I were able to come to an understanding on an issue that we were unable to resolve before.

I was burned in a grease fire that set my mother's kitchen ablaze when I was seventeen. During the event, I saw my life pass before me. Even though I was in pain, I did not feel afraid of dying, yet I knew my time was not up. I slipped and fell in a puddle of grease I could not get up. With the flames encircling me, I prayed and asked the angels to put the fire out and help me get up. Within minutes the flames ceased and I walked out of the house to a neighbor who took me to the hospital for treatment.

In 1988 I had emergency gallbladder surgery. I was at death's door. I remember wanting to go to the other side and really thought this was my ticket out of an unsatisfying marriage. I was disappointed to still be on earth when I awoke.

I saw my uncle Edmond before his death while he was in coma and again within 24 hours after he passed. He gave me the words to a poem he wanted read at his graveside. I followed his instruction. About a month after he died I was sitting in my car while my husband went in to pay for gas. A man came out of the store with a pack of cigarettes and a cup of coffee (something so typical of my uncle). When he made eye contact with me, it was Edmond 20 years younger. He said "thank you" (telepathically) then walked by my car. I turned my head to follow him, but he had vanished into thin air. He had come to thank me for carrying out his wishes at his graveside.

I related this to my mom and she said I needed to tell my grandmother because she also had contact with him.

I can "feel" the presence of angels and the vibrational energies of departed spirits. I sense the energy of a room and instantly know if there is an unseen presence. I've seen angels in my bedroom at night and conversed with them in my dreams. I've had many similar experiences and have concluded that those who pass to the other side are very much alive and happy. Never have I felt afraid of them or thought it strange that these things happen.

A person's spiritual experience is personal and should not be shunned or ridiculed by another person. We are all on a spiritual path and we are one in spirit.

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Linda Austin said...

You have quite a gift. I "saw" the "spirits" of my husband's grandfather and years later of a friend shortly after they died. While I was grieving at the news of their death they suddenly appeared, smiling and so filled with joy I could feel it, then vanished, flitting rapidly up into the heavens. Stunningly strange, but they left me at peace, knowing they were so happy to be free of their pain and suffering.

Yvonne Perry said...

Linda, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I love reading about other people who have interacted with spirits. It is a comfort to know that our loved ones are alive and happy on the other side of this veil.

After his passing, my grandfather (Pap) visited his great-grandson, who was not yet born when Pap died. The three-year-old knew who the spirit was and told his parents that Pap was in his room at night. Scared the be-jeebies out of my brother's wife!