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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Biology and Practicality of Death

Philosophy focuses on the biology of death and its practicality. Everyone has to die sometime, so why avoid talking about it or preparing for the occasion? This is the kind of view my Aunt Kat and I share.

Eleven months ago when she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, her doctor said she might be lucky to live six to nine months. While she is counting every day as a blessing, she is also very aware that she is about to leave her loved ones. She talks openly with me about her “bucket” list (now completed), how her children are avoiding her by not coming to visit her or helping with her care, and how she plans to visit me from the afterlife. The TV series, The Ghost Whisperer, spawned that discussion.

I can relate to those who have death denial issues because when my grandfather was dying, I could not stand to see him suffering. I wanted to remember him as he was when he was healthy. I lived next door to him at the time, and it was all I could do to walk across the garden to say hello.

Things have changed since then. As strange as it may seem, I would love to be present when my aunt and/or grandmother die. Even though I am Pagan and they are Christian, I feel that I could offer them a sense of peace and calm. I would even sing hymns to them if they requested. Why? Because I feel that religious differences and past issues need to be put aside and that forgiveness and unconditional love is what a dying person needs to pass peacefully. In fact, that is exactly what is needed to LIVE peacefully!

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