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Saturday, October 10, 2009

State of Mind, State of Health

Mind over matter. What you think about comes about. God helps those who help themselves.

You've probably heard all those quotations, but never are those statement so relevant than when someone is trying to recover from an illness. If someone is given a diagnosis of cancer and is told he or she has six to eight months to live, it's amazing how the patient will conform to those expectations. My aunt decided to live the rest of her days to the best of her ability and she has already outlived her predicted time allotment. My grandmother (Nanny) is another case in point.

Nanny fell and broke her hip and arm last November (2008) and had two surgeries to correct the damage. Her mind was set for recovery and she worked hard every day to regain her strength. She cooperated with her physical therapist and exercised to keep her joints mobile and her muscles toned. After this last bout in the hospital, she has given up. She says she "can't"do it anymore. She refuses to eat or believe that she can get better. She constantly asks for pain medication. She's 93; I'm sure she hurts all over. But, we have this tug of war between her body and her mind to deal with.

Staying focused seems extremely difficult for her. One minute she's praying for Jesus to take her home. The next minute she's asking him to help her heal. A double-minded person is unstable in all her ways and need not expect anything to happen as a result of prayer. The universe is always willing to help us manifest our desires, but we have to be consistently clear about what we want. I'm not sure Nanny is able to do that. Her body is still too strong to succumb to death, but her mind is too weak to stay focused on recovery.

Our state of mind definitely affects our state of health. Life is all about choices. I hope we are all making choices that will help us stay as healthy as possible.

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