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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Six Easy Steps to Communicate With Angels

When we think of angels, we might hark back to the mighty beings from the Bible... those grand messengers of God who came not only to communicate, but also to do His will, some even with mighty swords, or as Guardians. Some of you may bring to mind the Victorian notion of angels; those cute chubby little child cherubs who are so playful and endearing. Many people also believe that we all have guardian angels, to watch over and care for us.

In recent decades there have been hundreds of books written on angelic encounters along with messages from the angels. Once it was only around Christmas time that angels made an appearance in gift stores, where today sales of angelic paraphernalia have skyrocketed to a year round phenomenon! Angel Oracle decks and readers abound. Just search the web and you will find thousands of websites dedicated to getting to know the angels.

So what would you say if you found out that angels are actually very interested in your life? And better still, they were just waiting for you to ask them to be part of it? What if the angels wanted to communicate with you?

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Dennis S Martin said...

I like the idea of angels. I have long thought that there are guardian angels looking over us. Also, I don't have a problem with someone talking (even outloud) with their angels. Since angels are the messengers of God, it's much akin to praying, and who could have a problem with praying?

Nancy Kelly Allen said...

I'd think I had been doing something right. The idea of guardian angels watching over us is so appealing and comforting. Everyone needs protection--and love.

Janet Grace Riehl said...


One year I gave myself the gift of an angels film festival. What a variety of movies that brought into my life.

One of my favorites stars Peter Falk: "Wings of Desire," by Wim Wenders.

To muse on the question of what angels are on the physical plane is helpful. What if that person who just helped you change your tire is opening a grounded angelic nature?

Janet Riehl

Yvonne Perry said...

All very good comments. Thank you. I had an angel appear to me in human form when I lived in Indiana. I had jury duty and was trying to find the courthouse in Indianapolis. I was exasperated from trying to find a place to park and searching for this illusive building when a woman came up behind me and asked me if I was looking for the courthouse (how did she know?) I told her yes and she pointed to the building and told me which side door to use. I turned to thank her and she was gone. Of course, I'm a believer!

Linda Ballou said...

Since I live in the city of Angels, I guess I have a right to speak on this matter. The title for my soon to be published travel collection Lost Angel Walkabout-came because I am one of 14 million other angels who call the megalopolis of Los Angeles home. The Hawaiians believe that we all have amakua..or guardians in the form of animals that clothe the spirits of ancestors who come to protect us in times of need.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article. I'm a believer in angels.

Beth Trissel said...

I love angels too and always have believed in them. Quite an interesting and unusual blog you have here Yvonne. Very comforting to many.

Carl David said...

We all have guardian angels. Personally I have been saved many times from disastrous and dangerous situations and I know it wasn't just luck. Some mistakes are meant for us to make; they are learning experiences for soul growth. But even in the worst of times, when everything is orchestrated so that we just happen to be in the right place at the right time, we need to thank our Angels for their help and guidance.