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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ramsey Creek Preserve a Green Burial Site

Most of you know that I am into green ways to dispose of bodies after death. Here is a Web site about the Ramsey Creek Preserve green cemeteries that I think is awesome. One is located in Conyers, Georgia. The other is located in Westminster, SC. They use natural biodegradable wooden caskets to bury directly into the ground in a forest (no concrete or metal vaults). They'll let you pick seeds to grow on top of your area.

The Ramsey Creek Preserve is the first conservation burial ground in the United States, and arguably, the world. The original 33 acre site opened in 1998 and protected a quarter mile of Ramsey Creek. The stream drops along 5 rock shoals, providing the sound of falling water throughout most of the preserve. The land sits at the biological cross roads between the mountains and Piedmont, has a significant area never plowed and consequently has an impressive 220 species of vascular plants. The diversity also extends to animals including the occasional black bear.

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