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Friday, February 26, 2010

Children's Story about Dealing with the Death of a Pet

The Sid Series: Puppy Love ~ Dealing with the Death of a Pet
Author: Yvonne Perry
ISBN: 9780982572207
Publisher: Write On! (2006)
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Review by Donna B. Russell

How do you help a child deal with the death of a beloved pet when you, yourself, struggle to understand "why"? Yvonne Perry does so with simplicity, sensitivity, and the understanding that children need to be allowed to express their own thoughts and, in doing so, may impart a wisdom of their own.

When the family dog dies of old age, Ran-Ran, Von-Von and grandson Sid must come to terms with their grief. In an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, Von-Von wonders out loud why dogs don't live as long as humans do. Sid's surprising response, and a stray puppy, help them come to terms with their loss and open their hearts to another dog in need of love. Without euphemisms that are confusing to children, Yvonne Perry's tender story takes you through grief to healing, ending on a positive note.

Perry says, "Some people will tell you that dogs and cats don’t have souls so they can’t go to heaven, but I don’t believe that." Anyone who has lived with an animal companion, and taken the time to really understand them, would agree with her. This is one of the best books I've read on the subject of pet loss.

Puppy Love is one in a series of holistic children's books written by Yvonne (Von-Von in the book) for her grandson Sid, who is the main character. It may be written for children, but adults will enjoy it, too. I recommend it as a sensitive way to help children (and adults) deal with a very painful subject.

Yvonne Perry is a freelance writer, editor, award-winning speaker, and owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services in Nashville, TN. She also is host of the Writers in the Sky podcast, which include interviews, seminars, and audio workshops available through and other podcast directories.

You might enjoy reading the complete book, The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children.


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schalladams said...

I don't understand how anyone could say that humans have souls and animals don't - it is obvious they are animated by spirit too.