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Friday, June 11, 2010

Brother's Spirit Visits Sister at His Time of Death

A reader named Iris sent me the following story about her brother visiting her in a dream at the moment of his death. He was in the hospital and she was at home. At the end of her story she asks a question that I would like to address. "Did he just sneak to my house before the angels got a hold of him and dressed him in white?" Read on . . . Here's Iris:

My older brother Hector had cirrhosis in the liver. He was a strong Christian. He was admitted to the hospital the night of November 20 1999. It was five days before my birthday. November 25th he called my house complaining about the hospital food and wanted me to bring him some rice and beans. I spoke to his nurse and she warned me not to bring him anything because his liver wasn't filtering and any wrong food can be a toxin to him.

I visited my brother that same night and he surprised me with a piece of cake and a candle. That was so sweet of him. I explained to him about the rice and beans. We spent lots of time giggling and talking about Thanksgiving dinner.

On November 27th I had a dream that Hector came to my room and kissed my hand. He was dressed in his hospital gown. He said, " I just came to say goodbye, Sis."

That morning I woke up and my room was freezing cold and it stunk like hospital. It was 6 a.m. Everything felt so weird and off key but I got up, took a shower, and did my normal routine. That afternoon I called the hospital to see how my brother was doing. The nurse told me to come in immediately. When I got there they told me my brother was dead. "HUH?" I asked how come no one had called me. They had called while I was in the shower. I asked what time he died. They said that at 5:45 am he went into coma and his heart stopped. They tried to resuscitate him but they couldn't.

As long as I live I will never forget the fact that my brother came to me in my dream to say goodbye. I don't get it though. Did he just sneak to my house before the angels got a hold of him and dressed him in white?


To answer Iris' question, I must first of all note that this is a Christian family. Nothing wrong with that, but the western Christian faith interprets the Bible with some inaccurate things regarding the afterlife. Since there is no literal place known as heaven or hell (other than what we create in our minds; and that is done more here on earth than in the afterlife), some souls choose to hang around their loved ones—especially near the time of death and several days or week after the spirit departs from the body. Just like the soul who comes here from the Other Side and takes residence in the body of a baby, there may be some disorientation to begin with. (This doesn't seem to be the case with Iris' brother. He knew he was leaving and seemed glad to venture on.) Once the soul acclimates to being bodiless, it may move on to other realms. However, some stay around indefinitely. We might call them earth-bound spirits.

Just as in this earth life where we have freedom to choose, so it is in the afterlife. We may travel (as we do many times in our dreams) to visit other people, places, and even explore new experiences. Having a loved one's spirit visit is a very common occurrence and truly a blessing as in this case where the brother loving said goodbye to his dear sister. Isn't that a joy to know that he cared so much to do that?

The fact that he didn't return again probably means that he felt she was able to handle his departure, or that he visits in her dream state and she doesn't consciously remember it. Or, he may be giving Iris signs that she's not recognizing.

My grandfather's spirit visited me late one evening this week. He passed in 1988 and visited me quite often in the years following, but it had been probably six or more years since I last felt his presence near me. When I used to cut his hair I could smell the "old man" pheromones coming from his scalp. It was this same smell that let me know it was him when I sensed his presence in my bedroom as I was falling asleep.

Spirits communicate with us through all senses and they give us signs such as leaving an object in your path about which you might say, "Oh, my brother loved [name the item]." The fact that you are being reminded of him, is a good indication that he is popping in to check on you. You may want to read Denise Linn's book, the Secret Language of Signs to learn more about the signs God, angels, and loved one use to communicate with us.

It's so good to know that we are able to communicate our love from the Other Side to those on this earth plane. The soul of never dies.

Thank you, Iris, for sharing your beautiful story with us. I wish you and your brother many more pleasant and endearing encounters as you learn to look for his presence.


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