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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prayer to Keep Ghosts Away and Help Souls Cross Over

A friend of mine that I met in a Facebook community shared a story about his intuitive gifts beginning to open up. I’ll call him Dee to protect his identity. This experience was frightening for Dee at first because he began sensing earthbound spirits around him while he was in the synagogue. First of all, let me remind everyone that we all have spirits around us—its’ just a fact of life—but most people don’t see, hear, or sense them.

Dee’s story brought a flood of love and joy to my heart chakra. Instead of rewriting and retelling his story in third person, I’ll simply copy and paste what he shared in the group. I’m sensing that someone reading this blog needs this information.

I closed my eyes and sought out to discern the presence. I felt the same confirming sensation I had when I encountered something in the synagogue. I smiled warmly and said quietly, "Well... hello! When did you get down here?" It was a young girl, I guessed to be around 8-11. She was shy and about as startled as I was. She pulled back some but stayed in the room, listening to me. I told her she was welcome to stay as long as she could behave herself and respect some boundaries. With my wife fussing for me to come up to eat, I left her to the room.

Later that evening when putting my three daughters to bed, I could feel her in their room. My oldest daughter, who has been watching me with great interest since my empathic revelation, also picked up on this. We suddenly smelled lilies in one area of the room. There were a few more incidents like that through the evening, each time accompanied by the lily scent. 

When I went to let the dogs out later that night, my daughter was outside with me, barraging me with questions. Suddenly I felt the girl’s spirit about 25 feet from us, with a strong scent of lilies again. We both stood there. My daughter said, "She's here again, isn't she?" I confirmed. As the girl walked closer to us I felt her presence pushing into my aura shield. The hair on my arm closest to her immediately stood on-end and I had the obligatory goosebumps to boot. She walked right between me and my daughter, trailed by the lilies. For a few minutes we could sense her in different areas of the backyard. We lingered for a few minutes until it seemed like she left.

The next morning when I awoke, I went back down to the lower level to plop on the sofa for a few more minutes of precious shut-eye before getting ready for work. After my alarm went off I slowly sat up and put my feet on the floor. Suddenly I heard one of the kids' electronic educational toys start up. The spirit girl was playing with it! ;D I chuckled, said “good morning” and told her to have fun. My daughter called me later in the day to give me a brief on how things were going. Her "friend" would come and go through the day. 

I recalled from the night before, when I smelled the flowers outside, I also smelled fresh earth. I felt an inclination that she was a recent passing and possibly in need of help. I decided on the way home, I'd stop by a cemetery that was within walking distance of our house. I even felt which area I needed to investigate. Sure enough I found it. Born April 16th, 2000, passed on March 27, 2011. I felt so sad for her. I knelt there and spoke a few minutes out loud. I spoke encouraging words, told her I also didn't understand why things happened the way they did. I said she was welcome to visit with us anytime she wanted, as long as she would honor boundaries. I said with YAH's help I would do whatever I could to help her. I spoke a few more things and finally ended up encouraging her to go to the light, that YAH was there and it would be okay. He'd help her and explain things to her.

When I was at the little girl's gravesite, I saw a mist-like figure walk by. I felt strongly motivated to tell the other spirits not to follow me home. I came there respectfully and expected the same from them. I wish I had a mentor nearby!

As I got home and the night went on, I kept searching for her presence but it never came. A longing sadness began to gnaw at me as I started to wonder what it meant. When my oldest daughter returned from choir, she asked me if I'd sensed the little girl. I told her how I'd been feeling. She started tearing up, and said how when she was eating a bite downstairs she felt a wave of sadness come upon her. We both stood together and sobbed (other family members oblivious to it all). The sadness we felt was not of an evil variety; it was more like the sadness felt upon a loved one's departure. Oy, so much to bear. I never would have guessed a month ago something like this would have happened. Adonai certainly does work in mysterious ways at times, like the old saying goes.

Dee’s wife is angry at him for having these abilities. She avoided sleeping in the same room with him for two nights following the event and hasn't spoken about it since. Like Dee, when I was younger I had no one I could trust to talk to about things like this. My first marriage ended in part because of the spiritual awakening I was experiencing at the time. As a religious church attender, I didn't have a clue what to do about these souls who were coming to me for help.

Other people on the FB chat chimed in with comforting comments about how they also sense the presence of ancestors, friends, and pets who have passed on. Some have had night visitations in which dark entities tried to crush the breath out of them. I had a similar experience when I was in my twenties. I would interact with dark beings during my dream states and be paralyzed as I awoke. All I knew to do was call on Jesus and the angels for protection and comfort. That's exactly what one needs to do--call upon your trusted guidance of light beings who have a pure vibration. They will assist you, I assure you!

There’s no need to be afraid of the earthbound spirits around you. Spirit visits are very common and nothing to be alarmed about. Most are not wishing to harm you. Some souls need help finding the light.  I am so proud of Dee for what he did to help this little spirit girl. He did the right thing in setting boundaries with other entities while assisting this little girl's soul to cross over. 

Unless you know how to help them, I don’t advise you to acknowledge the presence of earthbound spirits unless you are willing to engage with them and open yourself up to more visits. However, you may be called to do this type of mediumship work, but remember you don't work alone in this task. Ask the angels, archangels, and ascended masters to assist you and surround you with their purest light.  Ask them to deal with the lost soul as you focus on the love and light within you. For many years I have assisted earthbound spirits in crossing over. Here is a prayer I use for this purpose:

Thank you, ALL THAT IS, for awakening my divine Ka and helping me merge my higher self with my physical body and to embody divine master presence and Christ self in a loving and gentle way. My body is the temple of light in which Christ presence dwells. Thank you for allowing me to accept and experience myself as one with you. 

The Violet flame of St. Germaine surrounds me to deflect detrimental energies/entities. Archangels Michael and Chamuel are in place to help lost souls find the light and cross over into a peaceful place in the afterlife. I trust that this process is occurring without my being consciously aware of it and without having to interact personally with these lost souls.

I have no fear because the love of I AM casts out all fear. I have a sound mind that thinks in line with ALL THAT IS. I am willing to change, grow, evolve, and ascend in order to accomplish my divine mission in this lifetime.

Thank you for allowing me to know freedom from my ego and to be at complete peace.

So it is now and forever.

Whatever gifts you have been bestowed with will come forth as the earth continues to experience a shift into a purer consciousness. Everyone is opening up to the spirit world.

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paula said...

Thank you for empowering me to feel the purity that surrounds me and to draw upon the strength within me to move forward with my awakening. I am Here to help all who need me for the intuitiveness I possess can help so many people.

Barbara Crockett Bohling said...

At the age of four, I remember quite profoundly, hearing the song, "Michael Row The Boat Ashore", and crying because it was so beautifully sad. At that precise moment, I heard a voice or was told telepathically that I wasn't like everyone else, that I was different. All my life I've seen, heard and felt unusual things usually forgetting them or assuming them to be singular events brought on by stress, etc. About 9 years ago, these events became more commonplace however I still never tied them together until 3 years ago when I began seeing sparkles, orbs and ghosts. As I sought out answers from local mediums/shaman, I was consistently told that I carry a light and that spirits were drawn to it like a moth to a flame and called a "crosser", someone who helps souls crossover to the light. It suddenly became clear. I now believe it was Archangrl Michael who spoke to me when I was four and as with the song in which Michael fills his boat with souls and rows them across to the other shore (the Promised Land), I too, help souls crossover to the light. I've often wondered how I was to accomplish this, however, as you've stated in your article, this happens without my being consciously aware. Too, I've been visited by an archangel surrounded with a light green aura which I just learned last night is Archangel Chamuel. It is no coincidence I stumbled upon your article. You have my deepest gratitude for helping me put the puzzle pieces together. Much Love and Light to you dear friend and fellow "crosser".

Unknown said...
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Yvonne Perry said...

Barbara, your comment is so encouraging to me. I'm very thankful that you found the answer you needed as well. Thank you!

Lilly needs help said...

I love this, I believe that spirits are with us all. I have spirits in my house and I do not mind they have been good. But I lost my cat back in 2013 and I still feel her. I think she is attacking my new baby cat. I have told her to move on or I go through the house telling her she needs to go ( my husband thinks I am nuts). CoCoa (passed away cat) will leave but for awhile but when she comes back she attacks Lilly (my baby now) when she goes too the potty box. How do I stop CoCoa I am afraid she might hurt Lilly more than what she doing now. HELP
From La Rhonda

Yvonne Perry said...

Lilly, I recently did a ceremony to cross over animal souls. I included your CoCoa in my prayers. Let me know how your baby kitty is doing now.