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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Negative Places in the Spirit World

By Amy Lamb

There is a science to the spirit world. There are vibrational frequencies and corresponding planes of existence. I am asked all the time by clients who fear the negative places "Is there a hell?" and "Am I going to go there?". These words will bring all such fearful people comfort, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. "Hell" in terms of the individual means the mental and emotional prisons we put ourselves in while here on earth which rob us of our freedom, and also experiencing the effects of our own karma.

In the spirit world, there only planes of existence that have varying vibrational frequencies. The spirits who live on those planes have vibrational frequencies to match.

On the lowest planes, you have beings who may or may not have ever been incarnated (known as demons) and they vibrate at a very very low frequency.

At the next level up are people who were extremely negative while on earth (criminals and people who hurt other people) who vibrate low. When they die, they live out all their lower, banal, earthly desires on the lower planes until they LEARN and the lower plane no longer suits them anymore. Often they will choose to come back to earth in order to progress to the next spiritual level, a higher vibration, and thus when they die again they can graduate to a higher plane.

The higher and more good the spirit, the faster the vibration. The more negative the spirit, the slower the vibration. And all spirits live on the plane that suits their vibrational frequency.

When your physical body dies, karma and spirit law will put you on the plane that matches your vibrational frequency. You will be with other like-minded spirits who vibrate at your level and will have the opportunity to learn from visiting higher spirits.

Lower spirits cannot visit higher planes because they don't vibrate fast enough to be able to get there, but they can visit the physical plane, as it is allowed by spirit law to challenge the incarnated. Higher spirits can, and often do, visit lower planes, as well as the physical plane, to help and teach other spirits - incarnated or not - how to get to the next level.

Lower, evil, negative spirits can visit the physical plane (and note that sometimes these spirits never left the physical plane), and do so to try to deter you from evolving and progressing to the next spiritual level. Their goal is to make you feel bad emotionally, because negative emotions have that lower vibrational frequency, and they are trying to hold you down. Positive emotional vibrate with high frequency, and help to propel you and graduate you to the next level.

If they have broken or disrespected spiritual law, evil spirits can be banished to lower levels, blocking them from ever entering the physical plane again.

It is important to be aware that we can access the lower planes in the dream state, or if you have a certain kind of psychic ability, in the waking state via astral traveling. This can be frightening, but it does not mean you are under attack or possessed. Sometimes it is merely a learning experience for you so that you understand the lower levels.

If you choose not to try to improve your life, you won't evolve and will stay vibrating at a lower frequency. The more you try - the more you emit love and light to all those you touch, the more you keep striving towards earthly and spiritual goals, the more you excitedly learn tough lessons in life, and conquer the challenges presented to you (that you mapped out for yourself when you were planning your life down here), the higher you will vibrate, and when you die you will be on a new, higher plane of existence with all new opportunities to learn new things.
If you commit suicide, you will not find peace on the other side, you may get sent right back down, only this time the challenges and missions will be much more difficult. This is why you never want to commit suicide - as hard as your life may seem now, it will be much more difficult for you if you think you can escape your challenges by destroying your physical body. You will still feel depressed. All of the emotions you feel now, will remain intact, just as your personality will remain intact, once you leave the physical world. This is why it is critical for everyone to deal with their issues now.

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