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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Positive Places in the Spirit World

By Amy Lamb
There is a science to the spirit world. There are vibrational frequencies and corresponding planes of existence. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, these words describing the positive places in the spirit world work for all philosophies.

The good news is that you will live forever. Your personality will persevere. Although the physical body dies, the mind lives on, and your spirit will gravitate towards your true home in the spirit world.
When your physical body dies, karma and spirit law will put you on the plane that matches your vibrational frequency. You will be with other like-minded spirits who vibrate at your level and will have the opportunity to learn from visiting higher spirits.

Your memories of past lives, memories of all the time you have spent in the spirit world in between lives, and all that you have learned will be returned to you. For most people, this is a reassuring feeling. Others will not like having their lives exposed.

You will realize that man-made doctrine and law from the physical world has no bearing or influence or place in the spirit world. This knowledge and realization will be freeing for most, and surprising for others.

After the realization that your mind is intact, although your physical body no longer functions, you will come to the conclusion that there is life after death. Your spirit is real and is functioning right now. It helps your physical body operate.

After death, your spirit generates an image and form of yourself. You will look like something and someone. You do get to choose your appearance to a certain extent, but your limitation will be your vibrational frequency.

Your spirit generates an image of your true self. Emotions and thoughts, not being physical energies, become more powerful when you fully become a spirit.

All the feelings, thoughts, and emotions you keep hidden inside while on the physical plane are revealed and shine forth for all to see. This is necessary and important for your spiritual development, and is something that will definitely happen to you.

You will still be able to see the physical world just as it is. You will be located on the spiritual plane that matches your vibrational frequency. You will be able to perceive the spiritual level you are on, earth, and all spiritual levels that vibrate with lower frequency than the one you are on.

As a spirit, you'll remember or relearn your ability to propel yourself from one environment to another by the power of thought. The power of thought has limited effect upon the physical world, but is perfectly suited for nonphysical environments.

As you begin to look at your life and understand its meaning, you will see things from a different perspective. The ability to communicate with other spirits with thought energy will become apparent to you. Rediscovering how to read and even see the thoughts of others will hasten your understanding of your true position in the world of spirits.

Meetings and reunions with those people you knew on earth either in this lifetime or past lifetimes, as well as with spirits who were with you during your time in the physical world, will be heartwarming for most, and sad for many.

Spirits create their own environments by their power of thought and intent. The realm of spirits has more form and image than anything we can imagine here on earth. All that is physical on earth has a basis in the spirit realm or nonphysical environment. Earth is a model of the spirit world, albeit a less exalted, less beautiful model.

There is much for spirits to do. Creation and expression of your ideas can lead to much healing of your spirit from your physical life. Anything you always wanted to know or learn about, you can learn. In the Hall of Knowledge, you can read the Akashic Records all about your past lives and the past lives of anyone else to your heart's content.

You can help other spirits, be helped, help animals, be an artist, be a scientist, anything you want to be or do or create within the limitations of your vibrational frequency, you just have to think it.

Interacting with other spirits, including visiting higher spirits like angels and spirit guides, will help you make sense of your life during your time on earth.

While most people in the physical plane claim they would never want to come back for another incarnation, the spirit constantly thirsts for knowledge and growth, and after resting for a while in your true home, you will find yourself yearning to get to higher levels. At this point, you plan your life and go before the Council of higher spirits to have your next life's missions approved.

Everyone of us can visit the good spiritual realms now in the dream-state. Many people visit these realms in dreams to get healing and rejuvenation to be able to continue to carry out the spiritual missions they have chosen to accomplish on earth.

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