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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Belief in the Afterlife - What Does Heaven Look Like?

By Hanna Kounov

I have been meditating extensively over the last months about the Afterlife and what that means to me. I know that one day I will leave this Earth Walk and return to the Source to be re-born again to learn, grow and become ever more connected to Spirit. It is a shame in a way that I will not recall my current life however but should my Soul feel the same pull towards Spirit as it has during this Earth Walk I am sure to be okay. Perhaps if I did remember the last life time it might stunt my growth in the next. Who can be sure.

This is my belief system... that my Soul will choose to leave this life and will choose to come back again and again until I don't need to do so anymore. What makes my Soul decide that it doesn't need to come back anymore... I can only speculate.

Not everyone believes the same thing I do. Does that make what I believe wrong - or for that matter is what they believe wrong? I don't think so.

During my last meditation I had a definite moment of clarity. Everyone's Afterlife is what they believe it to be! If you believe in heaven... then that is the Afterlife you will have. If you believe in Reincarnation then that will be your Afterlife experience etc.

Why not? Spirit can do anything in the Universe... maybe Spirit is the Universe and of course there is always the chance that there are parallel alternate Universes. Wow the mind boggles!!

If we just keep it simple I think I can say with certainty that we get what we believe. Our minds are the most powerful tool we have while we are alive. It can make or break us with its rhetoric. If we believe we can make things happen, even miracles, or we can ruin everything with a single negative thought. So therefore if we believe that we are going to go to heaven then that is what we shall receive. Spirit would not allow us to have such conviction and then give us something we never expected.

As a believer in Spirit I hesitate to consider what atheists will experience. I am not sure what they expect to receive; nothing? Is that what they will receive? I doubt it. I believe they will receive a chance to return and do it all again and hopefully in that life connect with Spirit after all we are given the choice every Earth Walk to do just that. I think it raises some interesting questions that I will have to meditate on further...

It is really anyone's guess...

Love and Light
Hanna Kounov is certified Psychotherapist, Author, International Speaker and Guide. 

 Hanna explains her coaching approach as follows: "As a certified Psychotherapist it became clear to me that standard Western medicine seems to address illness by applying a band-aid to trauma. This led me to open up to other ideas and "new" ancient ways of healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. To that end I have embraced, and will continue to study Shamanism. Shamanism is a natural extension that connects seamlessly with my Intuitive Coaching style".

Hanna is a spiritual seeker and since the first fledgling steps that propelled her on her journey she has altered her attitude towards life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Find out more at: Website: LinkeIn:

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