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Friday, January 3, 2014

Can My Deceased Loved One Become My Spirit Guide?

I get this question many times, so I’ll answer it publically in hopes of helping many people find an answer.

Personally, I believe that we are all connected, so when one of us heals, the entire genetic line is positively affected. I also believe that we are aspects or expressions of our soul family and that we incarnate into the same genetic line (or in close proximity) many times over. Additionally, if you understand the concept of future selves and parallel or simultaneous lives, you might be able to accept that you or your child/grandchild could be a reincarnation of a forebear in your genetic line. We are in a period of time when human consciousness as a whole is shifting into a purer, more divine, form. Future and past selves, as well as advanced and highly evolved aspects, are merging with the soul that is in the body. Thus, you may have had some unusual situations or experiences and now feel like you have merged with others who were once in your current life or past lives. This is because that “other” person who played a role in your life was actually a very close member of your soul family/group or possibly even as aspect of your own essence. (I wrote about this on my Integrating Frequencies Blogger site.) With this being so, any “deceased” (I put that in scare quotes because the soul really never dies) loved one who wishes to assure that the DNA of a particular lineage remains on a path to spiritual ascension would be interested in helping his or her descendants stay on course.  But, what if the mother or grandfather that you knew in your current life has passed and you think this person has since become your guide? If a deceased loved one and you are working together on soul development, you may both be in body at the same time, or you may both be dis-incarnated at the same time. Or, one may be in body while the other serves as a helping spirit or guide from the other side. These partnerships are agreed upon at a soul level, so it's not likely that you can choose a deceased loved one to be your guide (they may have other work to do in the afterlife). If they are your guide, you will be aware of their presence a lot more often than just a brief stop-by every now and then.  It could be that your “deceased” loved one is keenly interested in you and your life just because of the love and the bond they had with you while you were both in body. They don’t want to lose that connection any more than you do, so they “hang out” with you quite frequently. I’ve seen this become a bother when the deceased fails to realize that those in body have boundaries and a need for privacy. Some may try to steer a human’s path by manipulating outcomes to their own liking, but that’s another article altogether.  Those family members, who are with you in spirit and respect your boundaries, may very well become a guide for you after they pass from the body. If there is vibrational compatibility and you are happy with your loved one being a spirit guide for you, then there’s no need to worry or take action other than to welcome them and remind them that you are still the one in control of your schedule and decisions. The guides that I wish to have around me are those who have been in a body and understand what it’s like to be human, but have gained an awakened, enlightened, or ascended status. I typically ask that my guides be at a vibrational frequency that is higher than that of my own soul.  I bet your next question is “how do I know if a loved one is with me?” They will give you signs that only you will recognize. Here are a few ways you can tell:  • They come to you in lucid dreams that are too real to shake off—these are spirit visitations • They appear to you in spirit form and you actually see them—this depends upon your ability to see apparitions • You encounter a smell that you associate with them • You keep hearing their favorite song • A photo of him or her keeps falling over • You feel someone sit next to you, touch you, hug you, or play with your hair but there’s no one physically there • You hear them call your name • You see someone who looks like them or whose mannerisms reminds you of them • You find items that belonged to the loved one in places that you least expect, and you swear that these weren’t there before or have been moved.  These are only a few ways you can tell if your loved one is with you. It is always best to use your own intuition and discernment to discover your own truth.  I invite you to visit my blog where you will find more information about death, dying, afterlife, and spirit communication, as well as my book, More Than Meets the Eye, on these same topics. See if you are interested in learning more about soul merging, walk-ins, soul exchanges, and starseed integration.
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