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Monday, September 22, 2008

Near Death Experience

We come to this planet with amnesia about our soul’s identity and live behind a veil in order to function as a human being. The brain does not consciously remember where the soul came from, but it seems as though a part of the soul remains on the other side and is able to subconsciously participate in both worlds simultaneously. This has been discovered through dreams, meditation, hypnosis, inner guidance, or psychic abilities.

There are accounts where the veil has been momentarily lifted or pierced and clear vision is seen of the Other Side. People, who have clinically died and returned to their body, give remarkable accounts about life after death. The stories that many of them tell about the hereafter. are consistent with one another and may include:

• Someone to welcome the soul
• A guide to lead the way
• A review of the life the soul has lived
• A visit to a library or hall of records
• Periods of study or recreation
• A reporting to a council of wise elders
• An overwhelming sense of love and acceptance
• Other realms of the universe
• Heavenly gardens
• Sparkling cities
• Hellish surroundings

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