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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Uncle's Spirit Visits Me Before the Death of His Body

Before Christmas in 2001, after almost a year of struggle, my uncle’s body completely shut down and he went into a coma. After five days, his spirit came to me during meditation. He asked me to assist him with his transition so I began to sing, “Edmond crossed over to the other side today. Angels are with him, he is safe and at peace.”

I connected with the spirits of my aunt, my mother, and my grandmother to let them know that Edmond wanted to leave and asked them to please let him go. I never spoke to them in person, but the next day my family allowed the machines to be unplugged and my uncle was finally free to go.

During his spirit visit that day, my uncle gave me the words he wanted me to speak at his graveside to comfort those he was preparing to leave behind. He also wanted me to play and sing at his funeral service and mentioned a few songs that he liked. On the day of his ceremony, I felt an enormous peace and joy even when the rest of my family was experiencing sorrow.

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