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Friday, May 22, 2009

Deceased Pet's Visit from the Afterlife

Carl, a friend of mine, wrote me this week with terrible sadness and void that came as a result of losing his dog, Nellie. The pet had a successful surgery a couple days prior to remove a nasal carcinoma. She fought valiantly afterward and the family thought she would be fine and hopefully have at least another year with her. But, she began to have neurological symptoms and got worse with seizures and very high fever. Her systems shut down quickly.

Carl says, “We had to let her go, there was no other option. To keep her on life support was not life; that would have been cruel and selfish on our part and she never would have recovered. It was just so painful to see her like that; that wasn't Nellie. We miss her so much the pain is unbearable. We know she is at peace and is not suffering, having gone home. I had asked her for a sign before we let her go and last night while watching In Treatment on HBO (how appropriate), I was in a state of near twilight when I felt her energy, her light being presence come and sit near my feet on the cool tile by the sofa in our greenhouse living room. She was well, totally vibrant, and glowing with light as she smiled and reassured us that she was okay. She came to make sure we were okay. That made us feel much better although the loss is ever so painful and comes in waves. We know that souls never die, just move on to higher planes; we have seen and experienced too much to think otherwise.”

Carl and his wife appreciate your prayers and good wishes for Nellie. As you can see, animals live on in the afterlife the same way humans do. Life is never destroyed; only transformed. Carl is no stranger to the loss that death brings. His beloved brother committed suicide when Carl was a teenager. His father passed when Carl was a young man. He writes about their visits from the other side in his book Bader Field.

I emailed Carl to check on him again today. He says that Nellie’s visit has provided consolation and is helping him and Arlyn move forward one step at a time. “Nellie is okay now and not suffering anymore,” says Carl. “Her visit was a Godsend and her assurance was ever so relieving for us. It all happened so quickly, and maybe that was kinder because we really had no options except to let her go home where we knew she would be free, healthy, happy and youthful and spirited again. She gave us 16 blessed years and for that we will always be grateful. We are focusing on the treasured memories; the good times and the ones that made us laugh, which were so often and so many.”

Please join me in sending love and light to Carl, Arlyn, and Nellie. They will be reunited one day.

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