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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are all Near-death Experiences Positive and Happy?

I got a question from a reader today. I'll share my answer with you.

QUESTION: Yvonne, you mentioned in your book that some people considered their near-death experience (NDE) a negative or frightening one. But the accounts you printed were all good ones. What did people tell you who had less than favorable things to say? Is it possible that they experienced some sort of "Hell" ... even if not the typical Christian view that I've heard about?

ANSWER: It seems that whatever mindset one has at the time of death is carried over to the afterlife--at least temporarily. None of the NDErs I interviewed for my book reported a negative experience although some had a difficult time adjusting to being back on the earth plane.

I learned about people having hellish NDEs when I read a book by PMH Atwater ( You can ask questions and read answers on her blog at

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