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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Aunt Kat Paid a Visit to Me Today

I remember watching the Ghost Whisperer with my Aunt Kat right after she was first diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The episode was the one where a ghost was throwing silverware and china all over Melinda's dining room. We were sitting in my mom's living room when I turned to Kat and said, "You'd better not do that when you visit me from the spirit world." We both chuckled.

This morning, I was sending her love and light during my meditation. Now, for the past hour, I have heard a faint but noticeable tinkling or slight rattling of glass dishes in my cabinet. This might freak out someone who is afraid of ghosts, but I knew it was my aunt and I am quite proud of her for learning so quickly how to move physical objects.

I went to the kitchen just now and asked, "Kat, is that you?" I was immediately overwhelmed with a feeling of intense love that draped over me like a warm blanket. What a beautiful thing for her to let me know that she is doing well in the afterlife. Bless you, Kat. I love you!
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