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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Ghost Whisperer Compared to Real Mediumship

I remember the first time I saw the Ghost Whisperer on CBS, I cried through most of the show. Why? Because I finally had a clue as to why spirits were coming to me. They wanted my help. They weren't trying to harm me or make me think I was crazy! I had ran out of explanations for why I would either see, hear, sense, smell, or just "know" that a spirit was near me. I concluded that I should not have prayed for the gift of discerning spirits—one of the nine gifts of the spirit outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-11.

Ghost Whisperer is not an accurate portrayal of what it's really like to be a medium—the show is for entertainment purposes but it does have some truth. While I have seen spirits, this is not the usual or only way I receive messages from them. The messages are much more subtle than portrayed on the Friday night hit show. Usually I get short messages or clues that I have to interpret using my own brain and intuition. These messages are mainly to give guidance and comfort to those who have been left behind.

I'm especially concerned for children who see ghosts because Jennifer Love-Hewitt's son Aiden on the Ghost Whisperer is being taunted by evil or dark spirits known as Shadows and these spirits are threatening Melinda. Death is frightening to most people. The TV series has the potential to create more fear of death through the mention of the Shadows. People and spirits are searching for comfort and closure.  Mediums are here to reduce the fear of death and help people to accept the passing of a loved one.  I did like the way Aiden saved Melinda in the final 2010 episode by making the Shadows let go of Melinda.

At times, the show suggests that boundaries cannot be set to keep malevolent entities from harassing and interrupting our lives. This is simply not true. You can work with higher beings of light who have the ability to prevent lower entities from coming into your field or influencing your life. I learned this the hard way after being beat up by what I thought were demons (thank you, Sunday School teachers and pastors of doom). There was even suggestions that I might be possessed, which was really scary! I now know that's not the case.

Whatever you think about and believe becomes your experienced reality. When I saw myself as a helpless victim of these "shadow" beings, it empowered my imagination to experience more of the same attacks. I have asked Archangels Michael and Chamuel to stand guard around me and screen the spirits who come to me for help. I've asked them to assist these spirits in finding the light so they are not allowed to influence or interfere with my own soul's spiritual progress or have my work day interrupted. I still have a"knowing" or sensing, but I because I have this angelic filter in place, I can trust that when I do have a spirit around me, my guides have allowed it entrance because it is mutually beneficial for the spirit and me to interact with one another.

What do you think about The Ghost Whisperer? Have you had an experience with or as a medium? Please share a comment on this post.

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