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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is That You, Jerry?

Jerry McEwen was a regular columnist for Writers in the Sky Newsletter. And, as the designer of WITS Web site in 2006, he was also a personal friend of mine. Jerry was fatally stabbed at a Kroger store parking lot in Nashville on December 18, 2007 while trying to stop a man who had just stolen a purse from a 60-year-old woman.

When Jerry died, I was catapulted into an empathetic episode like I had not experienced since I was serving as an intercessory prayer warrior for unity in the city of Muncie in the mid 1990s. This energy  I was carrying for Jerry's friends and family was so severe I had to call on a trusted friend to clear me of the grief. After that, I put up some really strong protective barriers to keep from taking on other people's energy. I really hadn't been affected much as an empath until the flood in Nashville May 2, 2010. The flood has brought many changes to our city and to the consciousness of those who live here. My business and I have been called to a new level of spiritual service.

Jerry contacted me after he died, but at the time, I really didn't have much confidence in my ability to communicate with ghosts. I was pretty sure I was hearing from him and that he was hanging around me during the weeks following his death, but I didn't want to do what he was urging me to do--contact his mom and sister (Dianne) and give them a message. The message was simple: "Tell them I am with Mason." The message didn't mean anything to me. I wasn't sure if Mason was a person, pet, bricklayer, or lodge member.

I hesitated giving them the message because I didn't know how open they were to having a stranger give them a psychic message; What if I was wrong and the message had no relevance to them? I didn't want to add to their grief. However, Jerry was insistent and at the time, I didn't know how to make ghosts go away. The only way I'd see peace from Jerry was for me to give his message to his family. So, I found their address and wrote a letter giving them my phone number and return address. I didn't hear anything from the family . . . until today.

Today, I got a letter from Dianne, stating that she now knew what the message about Mason meant. She asked me to phone her. When I did, she apologized for taking two and a half years to respond to my letter to her. Her letter to me came at the perfect time because of the message Spirit gave me about the blue jay earlier this week.

You see, my business endeavors had been taking all my time and attention over the past few years and I had not been focusing on developing my psychic skills. I did an interview with Lynn Serafinn May 5 in which I recounted some ghost activity I had encountered in the past. Like I said before, I had erected some strong barriers to keep ghosts away ever since Jerry's passing. After the interview, I marveled at how effective the protection really was. When I got the jay bird message this week, I acknowledged that I was ready to stop dabbling and get serious about developing my intuition and spiritual gifts.

Oh, and the message about Mason? She was a friend of Jerry's, who worked at the Kroger where Jerry died. He had visited with her just minutes before he walked outside and was killed in the parking lot. More than likely Jerry's spirit was hanging out around her after his death.

Yvonne Perry


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