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Monday, September 20, 2010

Five Ways to Connect With Your Angel's Guidance

By Suzy Morgan

For the last twenty years, I have practiced asking for and receiving guidance consistently from the angelic realm. Why the angels? It was my choice. The angels were hot in the early 1990's and I wanted to connect. I could tell there was something loving "out there," and I wanted to know what it/they knew. I wanted their protection and their knowledge. The angels seemed innocuous and safe. After all, in Sunday School, it was always the angels or baby Jesus that showed up for kids. Since I was no longer much of a Jesus follower, although I believe in the Christ Consciousness, the angels were a natural shoe-in.

Little did I know that I already had the angels' protection. Their knowledge was mine as well, but I needed to learn to ask. I was brought up not to ask questions, because it wasn't "nice." My first sales job taught me if I didn't learn to ask outright, I would starve and be out of work in a week.

Here are some useful and workable ideas on how to get spiritual guidance for yourself.

1. Ask for Help. Ask for what you want. Ask for everything.

Asking is not as easy as it sounds. We think we can muscle our way through life until one day we get knocked down one time too many. Sometimes we are not sure what we want. We know we don't want what we have, but we have no idea of what we do want.

The angels suggest you work backward from what you don't want. For instance, if you are unsure whether to take job, or move to another city, or stay with your old relationship, notice what you don't like currently. Write down all the everyday incidentals that annoy you. When you feel like you have regurgitated all your old self-righteous anger, then write down the opposite, showing you exactly what you do want to create in your new job, location, or relationship.

Then give yourself permission to ask your angels, your guides of Light, or the Divine itself. Be specific, although it is perfectly acceptable to just ask for insight or guidance about whatever is concerning you. If you are feeling secure in who you are but are unsure of which direction to move toward, then ask to be shown a different way, a different route.

2. Ask what you need to see for your Highest Good.

It's always a good idea to ask to see and hear from a higher level of consciousness than what you scrape up from your own judgmental ego. It's why I consult only with the angels or the Divine itself before I do any readings for myself or others.

3. Be still and listen.

As someone who is only learning now to sit still, this has been my most difficult challenge. Initially the angels only connected with me when I was in the shower right after getting out of bed. Or worse yet, they would babble at some ungodly hour in the way-too-early morning hours. All of this stopped once I caught on that either I gave them their just attention or sleeping through the night was not an option. The subtle energies do not shout, they whisper until you are aligned with their channel.

4. How do I know who's talking?

Great question. You'll know for sure what you are hearing, seeing, or feeling is from a higher level of consciousness; i.e., your angels, your High Self, the Divinity, because there will be no edge. There will be no judgment. What you hear will be validating and not frightening. When your angels and higher consciousness speaks, it will be through the voice of compassion, of love. If you are hearing judgmental, sarcastic, or combative things, you are not tuned in to a consciousness that is any higher than your own ego. Not a smart move, because what you hear will get you into trouble.

5. Take action.

Asking for what you want is only half of the game. The other half is learning to trust what you hear and to take action to follow through. The trick is learning to fine-tune your specific channel to the angelic realm, or whichever path to higher consciousness you choose to master.

Be patient with yourself. You are teaching yourself a new way of living in peace by connecting to the higher channels of Love available to each of us.

Suzy Morgan, B.A., H.H.P, is a Spiritual Intuitive, a Medium, an Energy Healer, and a Channel for the Angels offering Angel Readings.

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Diane said...

I do Believe every word you wrote here. I believe in Jesus an I do believe in Our Own Angels..
The past 11 yrs have been pretty interesting! knowing an feeling a soul standing over my left shoulder talking to me everyday. at times feeling i was crazy to think such a thing could happen.
Hey, i could even laugh with this soul an he would tell me when A person that made me happy to see them , he would tell me when they were near.. an blam 5 seconds later there that person was ...
Its Truly an amazing gift to receive.. if people only new , learning how to feel with your heart, They would know an hear with their hearts, There mommy & daddy an so on where the lost ones are .. so many hearts would be mended...
I do truly believe , for now after 11 some odd yrs I now know who has been hovering over me like a watch dog .. having dreams of that person every other night, to find him ! laughing with him ! being obsessed over The State of Texas! an most always asking friends from our neighborhood , Have you seen Gary? where did he go !? Everyone that knew my Brother an i knew how to find us an all of our friends have found there way up here but him....

( Growing up , We lived in the same house on the same street for 32 yrs )

Well 5 days ago something told me to google his name, an what came up knocked me clear out of my chair an it totally devastated my world. he was murdered back in Sept of 1998 In Texas...

Now I do understand the who, who has been talking to me in my bathtub who is waking me up all hours of the night , when i am alone an driving who it is talking to me , an this morning while getting out of my shower it came to me , It is me Terri I am the only one who ever wanted to climb into your skin...
I want to see a medium but I am afraid they will only see an tell me what I want to hear... I don't need that...
and i sure don't want to feel this is a figment of my imagination....

anything to understand what i am going threw would help ...
Thanks for listening or trying to read me ...
Terri Diane

Yvonne Perry said...

Diane, I'm thrilled that you have found such loving guidance from your friend who is in the spirit world. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Many blessings.