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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spirit Communication in the Elderly

Those who interact with the non-physical realm are sometimes considered insane or in need of psychiatric help. Unfortunately, many are shunned and ridiculed. Some are drugged. I've heard of children who were punished for talking about seeing deceased family members, angels, and ghosts.

if you are one who provides care for those who are near the end of life, you may have noticed that elderly patients interact with deceased relatives and loved ones. Seeing, hearing, and communicating with the unseen realm is sometimes an indication that the transition toward the afterlife is beginning to occur. It gives a vague time line for determining how long a person may have before the soul departs from the body.

But, what do you do when someone like my grandmother enters palliative care or hospice? Although she didn't talk much about it until she had her second near-death experience in 2008, Nanny has heard and seen in the spirit realm ever since her near-death experience in 1952. Her third and fourth NDEs in 2009 really opened the airwaves! At age 94, it is a common occurrence for her to communicate with deceased loved one and have spirit visitors that no one else can discern.

Why do some people have this psychic ability while others don't? P. M. H. Atwater says that this intuitive ability is due to the development of the temporal lobes in the brain. From approximately age 2 through 6, the temporal lobes take in and sort different forms, shapes, colors, and sounds so children can build neural libraries that let them know what is expected of them on earth. As this part of brain development nears completion, the child tends to interact less with the spirit realm and adheres to society norms.

The elderly and those who have experienced near-death states, surgery requiring anesthesia, or some type of severe emotional trauma may find that this part of their brain has been reawakened. They may experience a transformation of consciousness that allows them to again see, hear, smell, and interact in other worlds. That is what happened to me after two NDEs and several surgeries.

Have you had an experience that opened your psychic ability or if you work with the elderly who have this experience, I would love to interview you and get your take on this. Please leave a comment below this post.

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