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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need Your Stories about Ghosts

I'm looking for stories about ghost encounters. 

Do you hear things during the night that you can explain?

Do you feel as if someone is watching you or that you are not alone when you walk into an empty room?

Have you ever thought you saw someone in your peripheral vision, but when you turn to look no one was there? You may have encountered a ghost—the spirit of a person who remained in the Earth plane after death.

Have items been mysteriously moved around in your house?

Have your lights or electronics turned on or off by themselves?

Were you the only one who smelled flowers, perfume, cigarette smoke, or other scents associated with a deceased individual?

Did you hear a voice or sound that no one else heard?

Have you been touched, tickled, stroked, or even shoved by a ghost?

Have you interacted or communicated telepathically with a disembodied spirit?

If you would like to share your experience in communicating with spirits, please contact me at writer @ YvonnePerry dot net.

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