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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All answers are within the heart!

Recently, I recorded a podcast with Janice Mickle, who provides shamanic healing, energetic healing work, and spiritual counseling. Her personal mission is to help others understand and embrace the knowing that we are all spiritual beings, each being is complete and perfect, and all answers are within the heart.

In the third segment of the 4-part show, Janice talked about conscious dying, which is end-of-life transition assistance for someone who is ready to peacefully transition to the afterlife. n part three, Janice discusses this process. She is considering starting a class to teach others how to do this for a loved one. I think the readers of this blog might be interested in knowing more about this topic, so I'm sharing the audio here.

In this segment, she also discussed soul retrieval. When a person is wounded or abused mentally, emotionally, physically, or sexually, or has had a traumatic experience such as witnessing death or killing someone during wartime, the soul may fragment and parts may leave the body. This is commonly known as dissociation or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These fragments of the soul can be retrieved and reintegrated into the body using a journeying technique known as a soul retrieval.

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