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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Influence Ghosts Have upon Human Emotions

by Yvonne Perry

An entity is anything that feeds off your energy or emotions. It can be a thought form, an energy pattern, or a soul tie (a hook to or an attachment from one or more persons), or an earthbound spirit. Some people believe entities are conjured by human thoughts and fed by negative emotional energy. Regardless, of whether others think they are real or imagined, if they bother you, then they exist for you and must be dealt with.
Some entities can move objects and cause electrical disturbances, but they can’t physically harm you. They can influence you by infiltrating your thoughts; and their very presence may disrupt your energy field and cause emotional upsets. In fact, some of the negativity or detrimental energy you feel right now could actually be a result of an entity in your house or one that is attached to your energy field.

A portal of light is opened when someone dies and this window of opportunity remains open for a short while during which a soul can make a choice to go into the light or stay in the earth plane. Some souls cross over almost immediately, probably because they were spirituality evolved or had their “bucket list” checked off and all their loose ends tied up. Some souls fear they may be punished and take too much time deciding whether or not to cross over and go into the light. Thus, they become earth bound. Whatever beliefs, emotions, or knowledge a soul has when departing from the body is carried into the afterlife. Many times when a soul leaves the body abruptly, it is confused and may not cross over to the other side or go into the light.
Mary Ann Winkowski is the consultant for the creators of the CBS show, The Ghost Whisperer, in which Jennifer Love Hewitt stars. Mary Ann has seen and communicated with earthbound souls since she was four years old and is able to create the light and give earthbound souls a second chance to cross over. In her book, she gives several reason why souls do not cross over immediately.
  • They are attached to things such as jewelry, cars, houses, furniture, or places where they lived, found comfort, or died.
  • They fear judgment or punishment on the other side
  • They are seeking revenge or pursuing justice
  • They want to protect the living
  • They are busybodies who don’t want to leave
Some entities are spiteful and refuse to give up their attachment to the earthly realm. These earthbound spirits feed off of our energy and target humans who have similar fixations as their own: drug or alcohol abuse, emotional indulgences, trauma, or someone who is ungrounded and not fully participating in their own spiritual development. When an earthbound spirit finds a human in a state of dissension, having weak or no auric boundaries, the spirit may attach itself to the victim’s energy field. This is not a possession. I believe that only one soul can inhabit a body at a time, but a person with an entity attachment may feel out-of-sorts, have dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and cravings that are not their own. You or someone in your family may be dealing with the energy of earthbound spirits regardless of whether you see, hear, feel, or sense their presence.

Knowledge is power. As you learn to follow your own heart and develop spiritual intelligence, you may feel the need to set boundaries with disembodied souls. That is not a difficult thing to do. Angels, archangels, enlightened beings of love, and your personal spirit guides are always ready and willing to help you with any request. Call upon archangels Michael and Chamuel to help earthbound spirits find a place of peace in the afterlife. Other methods to keep these entities away include raising your personal vibration, keeping your aura clear and close to your body, removing negative or stuck energy so these beings are no longer attracted to you.

The book I wrote with Dr. Caron Goode offers dozens of exercises to help clear and protect your personal aura or energy field. Learn more about WHOSE STUFF IS THIS? Finding Freedom from the Detrimental Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You at .

There are times when a spirit may have a personal message for you or another person. If you can deliver the message without causing discomfort to yourself or someone else, you may want to do so in order to help the soul find closure and move on. Whenever you sense an entity around you, ask it, “Who are you and what do you need?” If the spirit is not courteous enough to answer those two questions, it should not be permitted to stay in your presence. Using your intention or a visualization, set a boundary around your body, home, office, car, possessions, or children that serves as an impenetrable wall to keep that spirit away from you and your property. Some people use salt or herbs to cleanse an area and put up the protective barrier, but all rituals and prayers use the power of intention to shift energy.

Protect yourself from the depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, suicidal tendencies, phobias, relationship difficulties, and other problems caused by entity contamination. Stand in your power and do not allow a ghost to frighten you or your children.

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Unknown said...

My boyfriend passed away February 6,2018 and my daughters girlfriend told me that he came to her in a dream and told her to tell I need to move and the she asked him how or why he died and as soon as she ask him that this other spirit or what ever it is put her arm around his shoulder and grabbed his shoulder and squeezed real tight grip on his shoulder making him in pain and then whatever it is gave him a look of warning not to say anything what does that mean?