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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghosts Moving Things in Your House

I was working with a client whose mother had been abusive to her. I’m a freelance writer and editor by trade. While editing Elizabeth’s book, I began to have some strange occurrences in my home. I awoke one Saturday morning to a thud. Something in my closet had fallen. Upon opening the door, I noticed my winter boot in the floor. This was strange because my boot had been in the top of the closet in a box with the flaps closed down. How it got out of the box and into the floor, to me, could only indicate the presence of an entity.
Knowing that I would have to deal with it—probably do a clearing with some sage, or some type of meditation, or calling on my guides—I decided to eat breakfast first. I joined my husband in the kitchen where I had a bowl of yogurt in a glass bowl. I had just finished the last bite when I noticed the drape in the dining room was cockeyed. I went to straighten the drape. I was standing in a chair and my husband was leaving the room when the bowl I had just finished eating my yogurt in exploded into about 25 pieces.
I knew I had an entity in the house so without further delay, I went into my mediation room, lit a candle and some sage, called on my guides, and asked the entity, “Who are you and what do you want?” She did not want me to write the book for my client because it was tattling on her and exposing her misdeeds done while in body. I sent the ghost on her way and tried to finish the book for the client. However, the client seemed to have disappeared. She did not answer my emails or return my phone calls and I do not know to this day what happened to her. I had no choice but to abandon the project.
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