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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do I Have Spirit Guides?

We’ve talked about spirits and ghosts, but I also want to mention spirit guides? We each have two or three guides to assist us on our journey. You may hear an internal voice, sometimes called intuition, giving you a mental nudge, instruction or advice. There are many levels of guides. Some are angels; some are the evolved souls of deceased loved ones. True spirit guides are of a much higher vibration than the confused souls mentioned before. They can be in more than one place at the same time. Their purpose is to teach, guide and even rescue humans when necessary. Some stay with you all your life. Others enter to assist on certain tasks or events then leave when finished.

The most popular spirit guide for Christians is Jesus. The most common guide for Catholics is Mother Mary.

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Sun Singer said...

I often feel "guided" in various ways, most especially while I'm writing. I feel less guided, at least in any overt way, when I'm looking for general help or advice. What's difficult for me is figuring out whether a notion or a thought is my ownself answering my own question or a guide or an angel.

I wish it were more clear for me.