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Monday, December 1, 2008

Five Generation Family

How many kids know their great-grandparent's name? 

Not many, but even fewer know the name of their great-great-grandparent. 

My seven-year-old grandson lives in Tennessee. Whenever he has a break from school, he calls his great-grandmother in Atlanta to come and pick him up so he can spend time with her, my dad, and my grandmother, who lives with them. That means Sidney not only knows about his great-great-grandmother, he personally knows her and enjoys her company.

We are blessed to have all five generations represented at Thanksgiving this year. Especially, after the matriarch (we call her Nanny) fell and broke her hip and arm and had surgery this first part of November.

There are five generations represented in this photo of my family. This was taken at my daughter's wedding in 2007.

On the upper row, from left to right: my mom, me, my daughter.
On the lower row: my grandson (my son's boy) and Nanny, my grandmother (my mom's mother).

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