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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Legacy of the Chosen One by Ray Brennan and Masomeh Fritz

Today, I am sharing my interview that I conducted with the authors of a book about a walk-out named Laila. The Legacy of the Chosen One is not for everyone, but more people are probably experiencing or know someone who is or has experienced the phenomenon of soul exchange, walk-ins, and walk-outs than they realize. I wrote about my own experience in my book More Than Meets the Eye

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When the soul that incarnated in this body walked out in 1999, I had no clue what had happened or why I suddenly felt so different or why my life changed so drastically starting the very next day. Within a month, everything in my life had changed and it was tragic at the time—much better than ever at this point, but nevertheless very painful then. It was almost like dealing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder because the first soul left a lot of things undone. She was on the verge of destroying the body because she was so ready to leave for the Spirit World, but it was not time. My walking in was a rescue mission to keep the first soul from harming the body so we could maintain our agreement that we had arranged before this body was created. I had to heal her broken relationships and resolve the karma she had left before I could get on with my own mission.

I felt detached from those I knew and loved most. My friends and family kept saying how much I had changed. I knew I had because I thought and acted differently, and felt a different energy around me. I needed an explanation, but I found very few books or information on the topic. I found some information online by coincidence (if you believe in such a thing) that helped me find peace about the situation, once I accepted what had happened.

Now, there is a book that truly explains the process. The Legacy of the Chosen One by Ray Brennan and Masomeh Fritz is available to help people understand why NDEs and soul exchanges are becoming more common. Those who are thinking of suicide may want to explore this alternative and non-destructive way of leaving the planet.

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