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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life is Not a Coincidence – Part 5

Here is part five of our Wednesday series of informative articles created from my podcast interview with Sheryl Glick, the author of Life is Not a Coincidence. Sheryl tells about the numerous times and ways her loved ones have communicated with her. Here is another one of those instances. You may listen to our entire interview at

Yvonne: I got an email on March 8, that stated we were in a month of miracles in which everything was speeded up. Our manifestations were like a hundred thousand times faster.

Sheryl: That is so wonderful that you said that. I had a client last week who said to me, “Sheryl, I think I had a miracle.” A few weeks before she was in debt because she had spent $30,000 for in vitro. She had to have surgery because she had endometriosis.

Then she had a growth on her ovary and had to go to an oncologist to remove it so she wouldn’t lose the ovary. She was so disheartened that she was in debt trying to have a child. I said to her, “Do not worry. Do not think about the money. Pay whatever little bit you can because if you worry about it, it will become more challenging and you really won’t be able to rid yourself of the burden.”
She comes in later and tells me she got a call from her doctor. He had forgiven the debt and doesn’t want her to send any more payments. She also got a letter from the government stating she was receiving $8,000 because of all the medical expenses that she had. So she said, “I’m debt free!!”

That’s how miracles work! We do the right thing. We try to be consciousness good citizens and we ask for help from spirit and here comes a miracle! I didn’t know it was the week of miracles but I was so happy.

Yvonne: I had a similar situation this week. My husband and I have decided to go to Sedona, Arizona for vacation in September.

Sheryl: Oh how beautiful it is there!
Yvonne: We feel that we need to go there because Spirit has something for us there. We’ve got the time share accommodations arranged and I mentioned to my husband that we needed to have x number of dollars saved up so we can pay cash for this trip and not put anything on credit cards. So he put together a little budget and said you need to have this much and I need to have this much to cover everything including airfare and food. I said, “That’s not enough. I want to have spending money so I’m going to manifest at least $400 more. Do you know that within three hours after that conversation I got a text message that read: “I brought a check by and put it in your mailbox. I want you to get it before the mailman comes.” The amount was $440—more than what I said I wanted for spending money.
Sheryl: Did you know that 44 is the sign of the angels? It’s beautiful.
Yvonne: Yes I know!

Sheryl: I always say to people it’s not just about making intention for what you need or want. It’s about performing the behavior and the action towards that goal. So we can’t just wish and sit there and wait. We need to put our whole essence and our whole energy and our whole passion into whatever it is that we think is part of our destiny part of our life plan. We can’t do it meekly. We have to be a little bold.

Yvonne: You know I didn’t even ask I just said this is what I need and thank you for providing it. I’ve got several more months and have the money already saved up and nearly paid for my portion of the trip so I’m excited!
Sheryl: Have a wonderful time. It’s so beautiful out there.

Yvonne: Thanks!

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