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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Boomers and Senior Care: How Is It Affecting You and Your Family?

By Claudette Paage

Are you a baby boomer caring for an aging parent or loved one? If you answered yes, you're not alone. Surveys suggest that today's baby boomers-those born between 1946 and 1965-will likely spend time caring for an aging parent or loved one.

If you fall into this category, you are dedicating enormous time, energy and resources-many times, financial assistance-to make sure your aging loved ones are safe, secure, comfortable and maintaining the best possible quality of life. But, your own health and well-being may be in jeopardy-there are only so many hours in the day!

To make matters more difficult, caregivers often lose out on moneymaking opportunities. They receive fewer promotions and wage increases along with less education as part of dropping out of the workplace or working fewer hours to care for a parent. This could result in a substantial loss of savings for their own retirement.

Most aging parents don't want to feel as if they're a burden on their children. But while caregivers deserve respect for their compassion and willingness to help provide elder care, how do they handle careers, children and care giving without completely wearing themselves out? Here are some tips on coping:

Look for community service organizations that offer help. A good place to start your search is at This government website is a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging. Simply enter your zip code or city, choose a topic, and a list of resources pops up.

Give yourself a break by hiring outside services. If you prefer to provide most of the care for your parent, rely on outside services to handle some of the tasks. By spreading out the work a bit, you'll give yourself a much-needed break so you stay healthy and can continue helping your parent. Consider hiring services for house cleaning, yard work, laundry, grocery shopping, running errands and organizing.

Ask for help from family members. Don't be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. Ask a family member to come over and visit, read a book, teach your parent how to use a computer, help set up a cell phone, or take a walk around the block. Be specific about what you need. Encourage people who want to help, but can't, to provide a gift of services.

Consult with an elder care or senior care consultant. These consultants have seen the situation many times over while it might be a first time event for you. They help you weed through the information and learn how to better handle long-term care planning, often saving you costly elder care attorney fees down the road. When you choose an elder care or senior care consultant, look for someone who has the financial and organizational skills necessary to handle your parent's worries, wishes and priorities. They should offer a customized solution while building a strong relationship with other family members, accountants, attorneys, financial planners and investment advisors.

Claudette PaƤge is a financial confidant and a senior care consultant for children with aging parents, seniors, busy professionals, individuals, families and retirees. She has made a career out of helping people wrest control over the challenges of everyday living. If you or a loved one needs elder care in NY, NJ or CT, Claudette can help. She has an experienced Care Manager on staff who arranges for services and makes recommendations to help your parent live with dignity and grace. Please call 914-725-0343 with senior care or home health care related questions, or if you need assistance for a loved one in the greater New York metropolitan area. Please visit her highly informative website for more tips and articles...

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