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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life is Not a Coincidence – Part 4

Here is part four of our Wednesday series of informative articles created from my podcast interview with Sheryl Glick, the author of Life is Not a Coincidence. Sheryl tells about the numerous times and ways her loved ones have communicated with her. Here is another one of those instances. You may listen to the entire interview at
Yvonne: We’ve talked about several ways spirits communicate with us. We’ve talked about the psychic smell. We’ve talked about pictures falling over when they really had no reason to. We’ve talked about sitting next to someone on the bus who had a shared name and likeness with the person that you knew. What are some other things we might recognize?

Sheryl: One day I was walking on the boardwalk by the ocean and a man walked by me who looked exactly like my Uncle High. It was so uncanny how much he looked like him. Then I walked a little further and a second man walked by me who also looked like him. I knew I had to call my aunt and uncle. My uncle was alive. When I was leaving the beach I went to my car and another man drove by me in his car and looked exactly like my uncle. I think we can call that a spiritual overlay. When someone in spirit can actually imprint on another person, some of their energy or their appearance or their personality so a medium can pick up it.

So I went home and immediately called my uncle, but he wasn’t there so I got to speak to my Aunt Lily. I told her the story and she said how happy she was that I told her that story because she felt it was her father getting a message through to her-that he was alright. She said to me, “Sheryl, you wouldn’t know this but my father looked exactly like Uncle High. Two weeks before he died I had a dream that he was going to pass but I didn’t say anything to anyone because I didn’t understand what it meant.” Then he did pass so it was obvious that my aunt has a propensity to receive information from spirit through a dream like I did with my grandfather before my father passed.

Yvonne: I had something like that this week. I was driving down the road talking to my mom and we mentioned my daughter-in-law. I turned the corner and I said out loud to Mom, “Oh, my god! That looks just like Amanda!” I did a double take because here we were just talking about someone and I see a girl who looks just like her! It wasn’t her vehicle so I knew it wasn’t her, but I was tempted to slow the car down and ask, “What are you doing here?” It’s wasn’t even close to her house and she would have no reason to be in the area. That must have been one of those imprints you’re talking about.

Sheryl: Right! It must have been someone in spirit who wanted you to connect with her or think of her. Sometimes in just thinking of someone we are sending out such a loving energy that it can help them. There is no time to speak, so our thoughts and intentions for creating and manifesting something wonderful can happen just that easily. Someone who needs help and those in spirit know who need it. They get the message to us anyway they can in a loving way.

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