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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life is Not a Coincidence – Part 3

Here is part three of our Wednesday series of informative articles created from my podcast interview with Sheryl Glick, the author of Life is Not a Coincidence. Sheryl tells about the numerous times and ways her loved ones have communicated with her. Here is another one of those instances. You may listen to the entire interview at

Sheryl: There really are no coincidences. Coincidences are messages from higher spiritual beings or loved ones. Those messages come to help us—to tell us more about who we are and to guide us through the physical world, which is a very challenging environment. A physical life is not easy for many people. It’s a beautiful life and we can have much joy and health but we can also have many challenges. In learning more about who we are as energy beings we are able to transcend and transform a lot of the physical problems of the physical world.

Yvonne: Give us a few examples of that. What is something that could help us?

Sheryl: Okay I’ll give you an example of how someone who didn’t understand they were getting a message from spirit. It was no coincidence that I met this person on a train station. She looked like my cousin, Susan, so I started to talk to her. She said her name was Suzanne, so that was already no coincidence. She said she had been married for about a year and somehow I sensed that her mother had passed. She said something to the fact that her mother was not there.

I said, “But your mother was there at the wedding and she knows your husband.” Then she says to me, “It’s funny you say that but I have a picture of the two of us and no matter where I place it, it falls down. If I put it far back on the shelf or if I put it on another table, it’s not anywhere that it could fall off, yet I find it on the floor.”

“That’s her way of telling you that she’s happy that you’re married and have a wonderful husband. She wants you to know that she was there with you and she’s not really gone. She’s around learning from you, experiencing things, sharing love. It’s just that she’s in a different place of learning. She has experiences that she has to continue to learn on her own.”

The girl started to cry because she had felt something but not had validation and wasn’t really quite sure what was going on. My meeting her that day was probably part of her mother’s energy to urge me to be there at the right moment in time to help her daughter. They work that way from spirit. They are all connected and our loved ones meet. As you and I are sitting here now speaking perhaps some of our loved ones up there are watching and observing and sharing with us this moment. Life doesn’t end at death; it’s endless—we are endless as eternal beings, growing and evolving whether we’re here on Earth or in dimensions beyond here.

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