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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Celebrating with Deceased Loved Ones

Since Samhain or Halloween is coming soon, I thought it would be nice to offer something for those who have loved ones on the other side. The veil between the physical and non-physical worlds is thought to be very thin this time of year and many of us allow the spirit of our deceased loved ones to join us for the evening. It’s like a family reunion of departed souls. 

Think of some way you can honor your deceased loved ones this week. Maybe light a candle and send them love and light, or create a list of things you love about the person, or set a plate at the table one night at dinner to show that you have not forgotten them.


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Autumn Heartsong said...

We do plan to celebrate with our beloved dead. Our Samhain tradition is to remember the lives they led and the joy they brought to us. We take time to remember that this life is really just a string of right nows, and that the next now is never assured. We focus on living in awareness, presence, and joy. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings!