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Monday, October 27, 2008

Life Review When Dying

Some fundamental Christians believe that an “unsaved” soul will go to hell when the body dies. Since a person’s consciousness and karma remains after death, hell could be considered the state of mind we create for ourselves while on earth. African Shaman, Tommy Mueller says that karma can be worked out in the Afterlife. I suppose that is why some people are concerned about a judgment of souls after death.

In every NDE I’ve researched where the individual experienced any type of judgment, it was the higher consciousness of that person judging themselves. It was more of a life review to reveal areas that needed improvement. To me, this would be a helpful evaluation, not something to be dreaded or feared. In fact, it is somewhat common for us to assess our decisions and actions to determine whether they are helpful or harmful to our soul’s development. For some people this is a daily exercise. For others, it is practiced at least once a year when they make New Year’s resolutions.


Makarios said...

Hell is not so much what Christians believe as what Jesus taught.

May I suggest diligently researching Jesus' resurrection before hitching your fate to karma's wagon.

Here to Help said...

There is no hell or heaven unless you believe in them. It is our beliefs that create our reality here in the physical and when we pass on to spirit.

Rent "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams. The most accurate portrayal of how our mind set during the time of our passing determines our after life experience.

The leaning never stops even when we pass into spirit.

Glenn Smith
Spiritualist Mediium